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Shortcuts for Writers
emma dhesi
Kat Caldwell


Stacy Juba

Editor and Course Creator

Stacy Juba, the founder of Shortcuts for Writers, is a freelance developmental editor, line editor and creator of online courses for writers including her signature program Book Editing Blueprint. She teaches authors how to simplify the editing process, make editing magic, and fit their writing goals into a busy life.
Emma Dhesi

Book Coach and Podcaster

Emma Dhesi is a book coach who specializes in helping beginner authors write their first novel. She helps you improve your craft, provides feedback on your written work, and navigates you through the emotional rollercoaster of finishing a novel. She also hosts the Turning Readers Into Writers podcast.
Kat caldwell

Book Coach and Podcaster

Kat Caldwell is the founder of the Creative Writing Community membership, where she runs writing sprints, hosts speakers on all aspects of writing and marketing, and offers a supportive environment. She also does 1:1 book coaching and is the creator of the Pencils &Lipstick podcast and A New Way to Journal.










#1. Looks & Gazes Quickstart Guide

Grab this guide from one of your hosts, Stacy Juba. 

Discover more than 100 ways to describe your characters’ looks and gazes inside this guide. These cheat sheets are one small part of The Energize Your Writing Toolkit: Cheat Sheets for Character Emotions.

Get a sample here and start punching up those scenes where everyone is standing around looking at each other!

overused words for writers

#2. Line Editing Made Simple:

5 Days to More Polished Pages

Does your manuscript need some line editing magic? Then you need to sign up for Line Editing Made Simple, brought to you by one of your hosts, Stacy Juba.

This free class will kick-start your revisions in just a few minutes per day. Learn simple hacks for polishing your writing, even if the thought of line editing makes your head spin.

free line editing class
Questions to Ask Your Protagonist -

#3. 50 Questions to Ask Your Protagonist

Most writers are friends with their protagonist—but they’re not best friends. If you’re ready to craft a protagonist readers adore, download this free guide for getting to know your hero.

From Lewis Jorstad 

 One Idea Spreadsheet

#4. The One Idea Spreadsheet

Grab this spreadsheet to self-generate a fascinating book idea in just five steps, organize all your ideas, and quickly determine the best one using the built-in calculator.

From Alexis Miller

Native American stereotypes

#5. 5 Stereotypes to Avoid When Writing about Native Americans

If you want to write about American Indians, there are a plethora of pitfalls in today’s climate. This ebook guides you around a few of those as you navigate your story.

From Sarah Elisabeth Sawyer

Allen Book Concept Infographic & Video 2023 - Chad Allen

#6. How to Come Up with a Great Book Concept Infographic and Video Tutorial

Elevate your book idea from ordinary to extraordinary. Learn from industry insider Chad Allen how to create a compelling book concept that captivates readers from start to finish.

From Chad Allen

pocket guide to plotting

#7. The Pocket Guide to Plotting

Learn how plotting can help you, even if you are a discovery writer.

From Troy Lambert

Thriller Twist Ideas - 2023 - Samantha Skal

#8. 17 Thriller Twist Ideas to Jumpstart Your Brainstorming

 Inspire, unblock, and unlock your thriller.

From Samantha Skal

Name guide


What’s in a name? A lot, actually. A big part of making your characters come alive is what you name them. Snag this free guide packed with tips from one of your hosts, Stacy Juba. Discover:

✔ 6 things to keep in mind when choosing names

✔ 7 character-naming sites


Gentry_Key Components of a Compelling Story_2023 - Sara Gentry

#10. Key Components of a Compelling Story

Write a compelling novel by combining three key elements: Core, Concept, and Character. This 12-page guide shows how to create new ideas and strengthen existing stories.

From Sara Gentry


#11. World Building Workbook for Fiction Writers

Overwhelmed by world-building for your science fiction or fantasy novel?

Then use the prompts in this guide to brainstorm your story’s world.

From Beth Barany

fantasy writers handbook

#12. A Fantasy Writers’ Handbook

The complete guide on how to write fantasy. It first takes a look at how to write fiction, exploring characters, plot, dialogue, theme, conflict, and prose, and then turns to fantasy writing tips and more.

From Richie Billing

Miller Fantasy Worldbuilding Guide 2023 - Alexis Miller

#13. Actionable Fantasy Worldbuilding 

Never wonder how to start…or stop worldbuilding again. Instead, create a magnificent story world that you and your readers love with this 3-step  guide.

From Alexis Miller

Brown-Moore How To Pre-Edit Your Manuscript Webinar 2023 - Sue Brown-Moore

#14. How to Pre-Edit Your Manuscript Webinar

Learn the editor’s secret to writing fiction books that make readers FEEL. In this free webinar, Sue Brown-Moore teaches you how to plan the right story in the first draft.

From Sue Brown-Moore

Pereira-PerfectYourPlotStructureYourStory-2023 - Gabriela Pereira

#15. Perfect Your Plot, Structure Your Story 

This on-demand webinar teaches the ins and outs of plot and story structure. With over an hour of instruction, this session will help you structure your plot and story.

From Gabriela Pereira

Golden May Magic of Character Arcs 2023 - Rachel May

#16. The Magic of Character Arcs

In this 7-day course, you’ll craft the character arcs backbone for your story with the power to keep your readers flipping pages all through the night.

From Golden May Editing

Gentry_Create Knockout Book Titles_2023 - Sara Gentry

#17. Create Knockout Book Titles

Book titles are HARD. Use this helpful guide to create a strong title that grabs readers’ attention and resonates with your story.

From Sara Gentry

Dialogue essentials

#18. Dialogue Essentials Checklist

What if you could write dialogue so juicy that readers fall in love with your characters, stay hooked until the end, and eagerly tell their friends all about your novel?

From Heather Davis

Golden May Keys Guide 2023 - Rachel May

#19. The Keys to Scenes that Work

In this guide, you’ll learn the 15 key elements of great scenes, with annotated scenes to show you how they work. Take your writing from good to great.

From Golden May Editing


Emma Dhesi book coaching

#20. 21 Days of Writing Inspiration

If you’re looking to finish your first novel, these 21 days of writing inspiration from one of your hosts, Emma Dhesi, are just what you need. It’s easy to get started, not so easy to finish.

For 21 days you’ll get tips, strategies and notes of motivation dropping into your mailbox so you can stay engaged with your writing and push on through to the finish line. All this from the only book coach you’ll ever need, for free.

 #21. Baby Steps to Book Success

Do you need to finally write that first novel? In this free video presentation from Emma Dhesi, you’ll get:

  • Simple hacks to start writing THIS WEEK.
  • The productivity trick that literally got Emma’s book written while juggling #allthethings (so simple, but she bets you’ll never guess it).
  • The surprising habit outside of writing that gets your book written faster.
baby steps
reclaim writing joy

#22. 10 Ways to Reclaim the Joy of Discovery Writing

Is your story stuck? Sign up and get this 10-tip workbook on 10 Ways to Reclaim the Joy of Discovery Writing.

Brought to you by one of your hosts, Kat Caldwell.


After this class, you will be able to:

  • Identify which aspects of time management you need help with the most

  • Recognize why this practical and holistic approach is an absolute game-changer for writers 

  • Implement 4 simple action steps to start using immediately

    Led by one of your hosts, Stacy Juba of Shortcuts for Writers.
time management webinar square
Awakening the Creative Muse

#24. Awakening the Creative Muse: A Writer’s Guide to Intuition

Brought to you by one of your hosts, Stacy Juba. We’ve all experienced those writer’s moments when the words flow, characters spring to life, and your story takes on a magical quality. Unfortunately in today’s hectic world, our intuitive voice is asleep much of the time. Let Stacy show you how to wake it up! Grab your free copy now and start transforming your writing.

White_15 Minute Writer 2023 - Daria White

#25. The 15 Minute Writer

This 10-page guidebook is jam-packed with actionable tips to help you maximize your writing productivity in just 15 minutes.

From Daria White

Poe Publishing Timeline Calculator 2023 - Brit Poe

#26. Publishing Timeline Calculator 

Simply add in your book details and writing schedule and this nifty calculator will spit out recommended timelines and due dates. 

From Brit Poe

Roberts-Tame Your To Do List, 2023 - Julia Roberts

#27. Tame Your No-Good, Horrible, Too-Long To-Do List

Tame Your Way to E-A-S-Y productivity with these powerful tools to help you prioritize and pick tasks with ease.

From Julia Roberts, MSc

Martin Write 3K A Day Training 2023 - Kristen Martin

#28. The Secret To Writing 3K a Day

Learn how to write 3,000 words a day with the Word Count Snowball Method™ plus, you’ll get access to an editable spreadsheet template.

From Kristen Martin

Gentry_Include Your Children in Your Writing Life_2023 - Sara Gentry

#29. Include Your Children in Your Writing Life

Being a parent and a writer do NOT have to conflict with each other. This guide contains age-appropriate tips to help you include your children in your writing life.

From Sara Gentry

Bourgeois Unlocking Your Creativity 2023 - LA Bourgeois

#30. Unlocking Your Creativity

Everyone deserves a contented life filled with creativity where they feel fully themselves. Take a little time and explore what that means for you with this handy guide.

From LA Bourgeois

Breit 7 Questions to Ask Journal 2023 - Nicole Breit

#31. 7 Questions to Ask Before You Write Your Difficult Story

Invites writers to identify their intentions, address any blocks and create a self-care plan before they explore vulnerable personal material.

From Nicole Breit

Sawyer dictation 2023 - Sarah Elisabeth Sawyer

#32. Dictation for Authors: Tools and Tips of the Trade

Puzzled by all the tech surrounding dictation? This quick guide will help get you started on your dictation journey. Includes a punctuation key.

From Sarah Elisabeth Sawyer

White_5 Ways Organize Time 2023 - Daria White

#33. 5 Ways to Organize Your Time as an Author with No Time

This valuable resource is packed with practical tips and tricks to help you make the most of your writing time, whether you have ten minutes or two hours.

From Daria White

Poe Mindset Makeover 2023 - Brit Poe

#34. Author Mindset Makeover

Up for a challenge? Brit Poe dedicated herself to journaling for one full week. She shared this goal with some of her author friends, and The Author Mindset Makeover was born.

From Brit Poe

Roberts_WhyAmIStuck, 2023 - Julia Roberts

#35. Why Am I Stuck? Powerful Help for Stuck Writers

A story and workbook of creative thinking styles that keep writers stuck.

From Julia Roberts, MSc

Allen Writing Retreat Planner 2023 - Chad Allen

#36. Writing Retreat Planner

Discover the key to overcoming time constraints and finally write your book. Start planning your own productive writing retreat today.

From Chad Allen



#37. Author Newsletter Email Ideas

Need some ideas for your author newsletter?

Get 25+ ideas to send to your subscribers specific to being an author.

Plus, you’ll receive writing tips and ideas every Thursday from one of your bundle hosts, Kat Caldwell.

Author newsletters
Enger_7 Book Marketing Activities 2023 - Emily Enger

#38. 7 Book Marketing Activities You Can Stop Doing Today

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the book marketing tips out there. But not every strategy is necessary to successfully market your book.

From Emily Enger

sheriff 30 day social media content caldendar, 2023 - Mary Sheriff

#39. 30-Day Social Media Content Calendar for Authors

Download the 30 Day Social Media Content Calendar for Authors for free and unlock the secret to consistent and impactful social media marketing.

From Mary Helen Sheriff

Leigh 10 Book Marketing Tools I Use Every Week 2023 - Shelby Leigh

#40. 10 Tools to Use for Your Book Marketing

Bestselling author Shelby Leigh has sold 50,000+ books through social media. Grab the tools she uses every week and get a bonus class on boosting your book sales.

From Shelby Leigh

Unforgettable Intros 2023 - Lindsey Hughes

 #41. The Unforgettable Introduction

Let Lindsey teach you an easy, fun way to craft your personal power pitch. It’s time to own your story and make every hello a doorway to incredible possibilities.

 From Lindsey Hughes

Romance Your launch

#42. Romance Your Launch

A step-by-step guide packed with strategies, tactics, checklists, and spreadsheets from bestselling authors to help you achieve your book launch goals.

From Danika Bloom 

how to build your creative career

#44. How to Build Your Creative Career 

This book can’t guarantee you a successful career, but it can give you all the fundamental knowledge you need to set you up for success because it was written by a creative for a creative.

From Russell Nohelty

Book Launch timeline

#46. Book Launch Timeline

Unlock the secrets to a successful book launch with this comprehensive book launch timeline. From pre-launch buzz to post-release promotions, we’ve got you covered. 

From Mary Helen Sheriff

Andersen How To Replace Your Marketing 2023 - Jessica Saudrais

#43. How to Replace Your Marketing With One Piece of Core Content

Learn the 2 biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make when trying to write a brand book and the 4 pillars of crafting a money-making brand book.

From Jessica Andersen

Poe Author Platform Planner 2023 - Brit Poe

#45. Author Platform Planner

This free planner and complementary training walks you through mapping out an author platform that WORKS to help you reach your goals while creating a knock-out reader experience.

From Brit Poe

Allen Book Proposal Template 2023 - Chad Allen

#47. Book Proposal Template

 A “fill in the blanks” guide to pitching your book to literary agents and publishers. Download your free copy today, fill in, and craft your own contract-worthy book proposal.

From Chad Allen

love connections

#48. Love Connections

Your go-to resource, filled with the top tools every romance author needs to captivate, engage, and grow their passionate reader community.

From Danika Bloom

how to be a successful author

#50. How to Become a Successful Author

Compiles the best tips, tricks, and hacks from the author’s life, and the most powerful secrets he has learned from other authors about how to make six figures as an author.

From Russell Nohelty

Andersen Profitable Brand Book Method 2023 - Jessica Saudrais

#49. The Profitable Brand Book Method

Developed by an editor, the Profitable Brand Book Method will show you how to craft a magnetic book for your brand or biz in 4 easy steps.

From Jessica Andersen

Bigwarfe 120 Day Book Launch Checklist 2023 - Alexa Bigwarfe WritePublishSell

#51. 120 Day Book Launch Checklist

This checklist is to help you stay on track with the most important elements of publishing and launching a book.

From Alexa Bigwarfe



Storytelling Study Hall

Do you want to polish your manuscript into a masterpiece that agents, publishers, and readers can’t resist? At the Storytelling Study Hall, Back-to-School Bundle Hosts Emma, Stacy, and Kat will guide you on your path to fiction excellence. Join us in our literary classroom, where you’ll learn how to get high marks for your stories.

It’s time to swap your backpack for a manuscript and embark on a journey of refining your storytelling prowess.



Submit up to 2500 words of your manuscript to receive a personalized editing letter and in-line comments via email.

✅ Gain insights into your strengths and areas for improvement, tailored to your unique writing style.

✅ Attend a live masterclass and learn from your peers as Emma, Kat, and Stacy point out common editing issues from the submissions. (Anonymously and in a positive manner – No mean teachers here!)

✅ Can’t make it live? Send your questions in advance and watch the replay.

Submissions must be uploaded for critique by Tuesday, October 17. The live workshop will be held November 14.  


Click the button to secure your place in the Storytelling Study Hall Masterclass and receive personal feedback at the unbeatable early bird price of $97, an opportunity exclusively available to Back-to-School for Writers Bundle attendees.  

Act fast before the price raises to $147!


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