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October 1-7, 2023

If you’re looking to add hundreds of new writers to your email list, then you’re in the right spot.

Welcome to the Contributor Information Page for the 2nd Back-to-School for Writers Bundle

So how does this work?


Reply to the invitation email with your response.


If interested in participating, upload your info.


Mark your calendar and share the event with your audience.


Grow your email list & earn more profits.

How it works for attendees:


Visitors go to the Back-to-School for Writers registration page between Oct. 1-7, 2023.


Visitors sign up to get access to the gift mall page.


They individually sign up for each gift they want. Note that the gifts are lead magnets, which are free anyway. However, we have organized them in one convenient place for a short time.


 Enjoy all the new subscribers on your list! In 2022, many of our contributors grew their list by over a thousand subscribers!

Note: to protect our visitors’ privacy, you will only receive the emails of subscribers who sign up for your lead magnet. They will sign up directly on your website.

But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what last year’s contributors said . . .


I had 1,640 people opt in

 “I thought I would let you know my results on the Back-to-School for Writer’s Bundle. I had 1,640 people opt-in for one of my three lead magnets in the promotion, and sold $240 of my $24 tripwire offer. (See screenshots)

 I sent 3 emails to my list of 6,600 people with an average open rate of 35%. I also posted 4 times each on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. I didn’t run ads to boost those posts, but next time I might. Thanks so much for the offer to participate!”


My readers loved all the new experts

“Just wanted to reach out now that the Back-to-School Bundle is finished and say thank you again for inviting me to participate. It was a huge success, and my readers really loved all the new writing experts they got to connect with. If you ever plan to run something similar in the future, I’d love to join and help support it however I can!”


More email replies than ever before

I’ve gotten almost 400 so far, and more email replies from a my lead magnet than ever before. Thank you all for including me, and I’ll keep sharing!”

Here’s what visitors said about the 2022 bundle.


Shortcuts for Writers
emma dhesi
Kat Caldwell
Stacy Juba

Editor and Course Creator

Stacy Juba, the founder of Shortcuts for Writers, is a freelance developmental editor, line editor and creator of online courses for writers including her signature program Book Editing Blueprint. She teaches authors how to simplify the editing process, make editing magic, and fit their writing goals into a busy life.

Emma Dhesi

Book Coach and Podcaster

Emma Dhesi is a book coach who specializes in helping beginner authors write their first novel. She helps you improve your craft, provides feedback on your written work, and navigates you through the emotional rollercoaster of finishing a novel. She also hosts the Turning Readers Into Writers podcast.

Kat caldwell

Book Coach and Podcaster

Kat Caldwell is the founder of the Creative Writing Community membership, where she runs writing sprints, hosts speakers on all aspects of writing and marketing, and offers a supportive environment. She also does 1:1 book coaching and is the creator of the Pencils &Lipstick podcast and A New Way to Journal

What we’ll need from you


If you’re interested in being a contributor, please respond to your invitation email within a week of receiving it. Spots fill up fast and if you wait, we can’t guarantee that space will still be available.


Due to the amount of time it takes to coordinate this event behind the scenes, we need your information uploaded to the Google form ASAP. The deadline is July 15. This is a free event which can increase your mailing list significantly, and we aren’t able to chase people who don’t submit their information on time. If you don’t fill out the form, unfortunately we will have to drop you from the list. You can find the form here.


It’s important that every contributor promotes the event. We ask you to send 2 solo emails between Oct. 1-7. We would also appreciate a mention or P.S. in your regular newsletter if you’re unable to send out 2 solo emails. We will provide email swipe copy, graphics, and text if you would like to share it on social media. We understand that you may be protective of your list and this might be more than you usually email; however, all of the resources you’re sharing are completely free, and last year’s contributors had great feedback from their subscribers.

 To sum it up, you need to:

Let us know if you’d like to contribute within 1 week of receiving the email.

Decide on which lead magnets to share (you can submit up to 3).

✅ Create a 1,080 px by 1,080 mock-up for each freebie

Fill out the information form by July 15 at the latest. Descriptions of your freebie should be between 25-30 words.

✅ You can use an existing lead magnet for the event. However, if you need to create one, please note that you will need to make a landing page, thank you page, and set up your autoresponder to deliver the freebie.

✅ Between Oct. 1-7, send out 2 solo emails. We would also appreciate it you would include the event as a mention or P.S. in one regular newsletter if you’re unable to send out 3 solo emails. We will provide you with swipe copy and graphics.

back to school bundle

Important Dates


  • Deadline to fill out the Google Form with your contributor information – July 15.
  • Your swipe copy will be in your inbox – by Sept. 22.
  • Promotional period – Oct. 1-7

Frequently Asked Questions

How will email addresses be distributed?

Visitors will follow a link on the gift mall page to where your lead magnet is hosted. If interested in your freebie, they will sign up on your landing page through your email provider. We’re just showcasing a directory of freebies; each contributor is responsible for having a system to collect new subscribers.

How will this benefit me as a contributor? 

If you’re a course creator or service provider who works with writers, you have the opportunity to get hundreds of new email subscribers in your target market. You’re basically getting a free ad on a high-traffic page. Many contributors last year gained over 1,000 new subscribers. Some of those new leads went on to become paid clients and students. 

In addition, many of last year’s contributors made new connections with fellow service providers and privately arranged one-on-one cross-promotions and affiliate partnerships.

If all the gifts are always free already, what is the point?

First, it makes it easier on the contributors. Unlike most group bundles, you don’t have to give away one of your paid products. Always giving away a paid product can devalue your work. The goal with this event is to gain exposure for a freebie you already have. Second, visitors loved having so many free, valuable resources at their fingertips last year. However, we give them a deadline before the page expires so they don’t procrastinate on signing up for the free gifts.

How can I maximize my results?

Make sure you have a strong landing page for your lead magnet, an easy sign-up process, a compelling 25-30 word description for our gift mall page, and an attractive mock-up of your offer. We can’t guarantee results, but taking these steps will increase your chances of success.

Is promotion of the event mandatory?

Yes, in order to make it fair for all of our contributors, everyone is expected to share the event with their mailing lists following the guidelines. Many contributors have shared with us how much their readers loved this event and were grateful to find so many new resources and reputable providers in one place.

back to school bundle

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