how to write a book blurb

Learn the secrets to hooking readers in seconds with Book Blurbs Made Simple.

This valuable mini course helps fiction and nonfiction authors to master their blurbs so they can draw in readers and sell more books.

If you’re like most writers, the task of crafting a book blurb may feel as pleasant as eating beets or anchovies. While you may not mind those foods, they’re probably not your go-to when you’re looking for something delicious to enjoy.


Similarly, authors often procrastinate on writing blurbs because of several factors:

Limited space: After spending countless hours crafting a full-length book, it can be challenging to condense the storyline and key selling points into a couple hundred words or less.

High stakes: The back cover copy is one of the most crucial marketing tools for a book. It’s often the first thing potential readers see, so the blurb must capture their attention and accurately represent the book’s contents while also being engaging and well-written.

Lack of distance: As writers, we’re often too close to our work to focus on the main points that will appeal to readers. It’s easy to get bogged down in subplots and supporting characters and lose sight of what makes the book unique.

book blurb tips

Even if you’ve published several books, it can still be challenging to write a compelling blurb for your latest project. But what if there was a better way? What if you could:

✔️ Write a blurb faster and more effectively without the struggle?

✔️ Avoid common mistakes and use proven techniques to make your blurb stand out?

✔️ Follow a simple formula that you could use every time you need to write a blurb?

Rules for writing book descriptions

Fresh approach for Blurbs

There was a lot of good stuff—I think the downloads will be helpful, particularly the Adjective Inspiration List. It felt like a fresh, not too time-consuming approach, and I will be revisiting the course and handouts to write my future blurbs. This is an easily dippable-into resume of the important aspects of blurb writing.” Alistair Gardiner



It clarified several aspects of the process and was easy-to-digest with short lessons and a workbook. My biggest takeaway was the importance of research.Natalie



Before taking the class, writing a blurb was intimidating! And overwhelming. I’ve only tried pulling a blurb out of my head with no systematic way to do it. You have solved that problem. I have a starting point with barriers to keep me on a straight path to my final blurb. You sounded kind and genuine and all-giving. It made me feel confident that I can do this!” 

book blurb tips

Creating a captivating book description can feel like an impossible task for many authors. Boiling down the essence of your story into a few short paragraphs that will draw in potential readers and convince them to purchase your book is no easy feat.

Fortunately, help is at hand. Book Blurbs Made Simple: How to Write Back Cover Copy That Stands Out and Hooks Readers is the mini-course you need to guide you through every step of the process. 

With valuable insights and techniques, you’ll learn how to create killer book descriptions that entice readers and leave them eager for more.

Whether you’re pursuing traditional publishing or self-publishing, a strong blurb is essential. Remember, you only have seconds to make a first impression. If your description doesn’t grab readers’ attention, your book may never get a chance to find its audience.

Enroll in Book Blurbs Made Simple and discover:

✔️ 5 book description rules you need to know to make an impact

✔️ 5 big mistakes to avoid when writing your blurb

✔️ 5 preparation steps to help you sidestep common pitfalls

✔️ 5 tagline tips to hook readers and leave them wanting more

✔️ 2 printable roadmaps for easy reference

✔️ And much more!

How to write a book description that sells books

Here’s exactly what you’ll get inside of the classroom.

🖊️ Immediate access to 5 bite-sized videos with closed captions 

🖊️ 6-step roadmap for fiction blurbs listing the must-include ingredients

🖊️ 6-step roadmap for nonfiction blurbs that outlines the most essential elements

🖊️ Cheat sheet recap to keep what you learned at your fingertips

🖊️ Adjective Inspiration List to help make your book description sizzle

🖊️ Examples and written analysis of 7 successful book blurbs from various categories

🖊️ 50-page workbook that will guide you through the preparation and writing process

book blurb tips

How is this only $9? What’s the catch?

how to write a book blurb

There’s no I may charge more for this course in the future, but I’m introducing it at $9 because the content is transformative and I’d like to make it affordable. I’m also a freelance editor and offer other courses for writers. This gives you a chance to sample my teaching style.  

 Hi, I’m Stacy.

Stacy Juba

I help fiction and creative nonfiction writers of all levels who want to simplify the writing and editing process so they can save time and money. I do this through my online courses for writers and freelance developmental editing service.

I’m also a mom of two girls and have more than 700 books on my Kindle, an obsession with the TV show Supernatural, an addiction to doing the daily Wordle, and a bizarre fascination with office supplies and planners.

I created Book Blurbs Made Simple because so many of my clients, students, and Facebook group members were struggling with their blurbs. I can’t wait to share my strategies with you.

Follow my 3-step framework

Watch the videos.

Save time by discovering essential tips for writing a powerful book description and the common pitfalls to avoid.

Do your research.

I’ll lead you through my foolproof research process so that you learn the secrets to hooking readers in your category.

Write and revise.

Draft a blurb and then use the workbook, cheat sheets, and adjective inspiration list to help you revise.

More Testimonials for Book Blurbs Made Simple


Concise, SImple, and Short

The explanation of each item needed for a good blurb was concise, simple, and short. What put it together for me, after reading the examples you provided, was your analysis of each.


Clarified so many things

I had an idea of what I wanted to write but did not know the ‘rules’. It clarified so many things. It was not overwhelming, but short, step-by-step explanations. Denise R Abdale


Great Tips

Appreciation for all your great tips presented in an easy-to-understand format.Barbara


Clarified and Simplified

It took a lot of information and condensed it to be easy to understand and access. I appreciate that it clarified and simplified all of the information out there.” 

book blurb tips

Are you ready to write an irresistible book blurb? Enroll today for only:

book editing course

You're protected by the Shortcuts for Writers No-Hassle Guarantee.

Book Blurbs Made Simple comes with a 100% money-back guarantee, so your purchase is risk-free. There’s a good reason my clients and students call me generous, professional, enthusiastic, and insightful. I put tons of time and effort into creating my courses and stand behind everything I teach.

I’ve had a passion for writing and reading my whole life, and I love working with kindred spirits who have stories to tell. I want to help you tell the stories burning inside you and get you closer to your goals. I truly believe the Book Blurbs Made Simple is an incredibly useful tool, and I guarantee it is a high-quality resource.

Ask for a refund within 7 days if you don’t think the course is everything we promised, let us know why it didn’t meet your expectations, and we will grant your request. Please note this refund policy does not cover a change of mind. If you request a refund, we will ask you for feedback on how the course didn’t meet your expectations, so we can improve our marketing messaging in the future.

Have a question before ordering? Let me help.

Q. My book isn't finished yet. Should I wait to get the course till later?

A. Crafting a book description is an essential part of the writing process, but it’s often overlooked or left until the last minute. Unfortunately, this can lead to manuscripts that are unfocused and go off on tangents as the author didn’t spend enough time identifying the main points. That’s why I recommend writing a blurb in the early stages of writing a book. 

Whether you’ve just started writing your book or have a completed draft, my course will help you improve your blurb-writing skills and create a more accurate representation of your book.

Also, I’m not sure how long this product will be available at this price, so it’s a good time to buy.

Q. What will happen once I click the buy button?

A. Purchases will be made through the Shortcuts for Writers Thrivecart Learn platform. You will receive two emails: an invoice and a message directing you to set up a password. Then you will be granted access to the classroom where you will find the lessons, videos, and downloadable high quality PDF files. 

Q. How is this different from other courses and books on the market?

A. There are lots of great resources on writing book descriptions, but this class is for the writer who wants to get the job done quickly and efficiently without reading a 200+page book or watching hours of videos. There are no frills. I tell you exactly what you need to know and then give you a workbook and cheat sheets to make the process as simple as possible. The course also gives tips for both fiction and nonfiction writers. Some books and classes only focus on one. 

Q. Can I share this course with my writer friends or clients?

A. You’re welcome to share a link where they can buy the course. You can even join the affiliate program and get a commission on sales. However, you may not share your purchase or distribute copies of the Book Blurbs Made Simple content with anyone else who has not yet purchased it.  You can read the full Terms & Conditions here.

By downloading, printing, or otherwise using our products or content for personal use, you in no way assume any ownership rights of the content—it is still company property. Any reproduction or unauthorized use of any materials found in the program or content shall constitute infringement.

Learn how to craft a captivating book description and get resources you can reuse for every blurb you write.

How to write a great book description<br />


The course helped me expand and clarify my blurb with your simple tips and cheat sheets. The class was short yet simple and effective . . . including the nonfiction was an excellent idea. I write inspirational books and find they are harder to sell without a good blurb.Ardith



It was a great review and I’m happy with the courses and course content. I think it is a great overview.”


Only $9!

Book Blurbs Made Simple is only $9! I find its information and handouts invaluable.” Cheryl

Unlock instant access to:

🖊️ 5 bite-sized videos with closed captions 

🖊️ 6-step roadmap for fiction blurbs listing the must-include ingredients

🖊️ 6-step roadmap for nonfiction blurbs that outlines the most essential elements

🖊️ Cheat sheet recap to keep what you learned at your fingertips

🖊️ Adjective Inspiration List to help make your blurb sizzle

🖊️ Examples and written analysis of 7 successful blurbs from various categories

🖊️ 50-page workbook that will guide you through the preparation and writing process

book blurb tips

If you’re ready to simplify the blurb-writing process and learn the tips and tricks that will help you create a professional, persuasive, and engaging book description that entices readers, then this course is for you.

Sign up for Book Blurbs Made Simple  and let’s get that book description written!

Disclaimer: Shortcuts for Writers doesn’t promise any specific results as a result of purchasing this training (eg – you have to put in the work) and any results, testimonials, or figures quoted on this page are not intended to imply guaranteed financial gains. I present testimonials and insights about other people’s experiences with my program for purposes of illustration only. They are not intended to represent or guarantee that current or future clients will achieve the same or similar results; rather, these testimonials represent what is possible for illustrative purposes only.

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