You Have Been Removed

From The Book Editing Blueprint Sequence

You’ll still remain on my email list for writers and will be informed of other workshops and trainings. You may see Book Editing Blueprint mentioned in emails that contain my latest news, however, I have tagged you as not wanting to receive promotional emails exclusively devoted to the course.    

Maybe you’d enjoy reading the latest blog posts.

5 Tips For Writing A Children’s Picture Book

Have you ever considered writing a children's picture book? Because children's picture books are so short, it can be challenging to tell your story effectively. You have limited space, need to use an age-appropriate vocabulary, and your words have to inspire an...

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5 Tips On Improving Your Writing Flow

  This guest post on how to improve your writing flow was written by Asha Caldwell.    There’s no single best way to define what writing “flow” looks like, but the Writing Center at the University of Carolina explains that writing that “flows” is a piece that can...

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