Sign Up For Free Fantasy Writer’s Tips – Feb. 22-26

Sign Up For Free Fantasy Writer’s Tips – Feb. 22-26

fantasy writers tips

Do you love writing fantasy books or short stories? Our friends at ProWritingAid have you covered! ProWritingAid’s first ever Fantasy Writer’s Week will be jam-packed with free events for fantasy authors. You’ll get plenty of fantasy writer’s tips and tricks.

With live sessions from bestselling fantasy writers TJ Klune, Angela J. Ford, David Farland and Stephanie BwaBwa, a world-building workshop, and a complete World Anvil software walkthrough, you don’t want to miss this event!

Register for this free event here.

Here’s what to expect:

How To Organize Your Story Ideas And Write A Fantasy Novel

Feb 25 (2 PM ET / 7 PM UK)
Presenter: Bestselling fantasy author, Angela J. Ford
During this workshop, bestselling fantasy author Angela J. Ford will help you dig deep into taking your ideas and turning them into a story readers adore. You’ll learn how to take your ideas and organize them (regardless if you’re a plotter or pantser) before you begin writing.

How to Write Fantasy: The Tricks Of The Genre

Feb 26 (10 PM ET / 3 PM UK)
Presenters: Developmental editors, Anne Hawley and Rachelle Ramirez
Do you want to write a story set in a fantastical world but don’t yet know how to structure it? Got some great world-building and some random scenes that don’t really work together or entertain? You’re in the right place.
In this webinar, you’ll learn the basics of the Fantasy Genre so you can create emotion in your readers and have them recommending your story to others.

Your Fantasy Editing Roadmap

Feb 26 (12 PM ET / 5 PM UK)
Presenter: ProWritingAid’s Head of Learning, Hayley Milliman
As nice as it would be, writing your fantasy novel isn’t over when you type “The End.” In fact, the actual work is just beginning. During the editing process, your novel will go from rough first draft to engaging final manuscript.
In this workshop, Hayley will walk you through the most important edits you should make to your manuscript to ensure it’s publish-ready.

An Interview With Bestselling Fantasy Author, TJ Klune

Feb 26 (2 PM ET / 7 PM UK)
Hosted by ProWritingAid CMO, Lisa Lepki
TJ Klune is the Lambda Literary Award-winning author of The Extraordinaries and the 2020 New York Times #1 bestseller, The House in the Cerulean Sea. We’ll be chatting to him about breaking into the worlds of fantasy and YA fiction, his writing process and why representation is so important in literature.

Sounds like lots of great tips for fantasy writers. Sign up here.

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Free Workshop: Book Marketing Strategies For Authors With @lkhillbooks

Free Workshop: Book Marketing Strategies For Authors With @lkhillbooks

book marketing for authors


Are you an author who could use some book marketing strategies? Join award-winning author, podcaster, and Story Coach Liesel K. Hill as she visits the Shortcuts For Writers: Editing Made Simple Facebook group in February to present the workshop: Marketing At Every Stage of the Author Journey: What to Put Into Your Story to Set Yourself Up for Easy Marketing Later.

Liesel will discuss:

  • Pre-Marketing: What you should be doing while writing your book.
    Marketing techniques for when you have only 1 or 2 novels completed.
    Techniques for when you have a few more books completed.
    Marketing techniques to explore when your backlist is 10+ books.

The event will be held in the Shortcuts for Writers: Editing Made Simple Facebook group on Feb. 23 at 3 p.m. EST. New members are welcome.

Join my Shortcuts for Writers group here.

By the way, Liesel and I are doing a fun swap. I’m going to be presenting a workshop on nonverbal communication for writers in her Facebook group on Feb. 16 at 3 p.m. EST.

You can check out her Prolific Author Community group here.


More About Liesel

Liesel K Hill is a novelist who writes across three genres including scifi and fantasy. She loved to read and write at a young age, and her earliest memories consist of her father sitting in the doorway of her room at night, relating stories of Frodo, Gandalf, and the One Ring. Her mother also read to her every afternoon as a child, sometimes for several hours a day. Today she is an award-winning author and a Story Clarity Coach. Writers can choose from her Story Clarity Coaching, Word Coaching, or Marketing Mentorship programs, ranging from her popular Power Hour Session to advanced Author Career Coaching.
Visit her:

Facebook group
Instagram: @l.k.hillbooks (for readers)
@theprolificauthor (for authors)

To read some of Liesel’s writing and editing tips, visit her guest Behind the Rewrite post on making sentences less passive.


5 Tips For Writing Children’s Books That Are Timeless #KidLit #MGLit #Writers

5 Tips For Writing Children’s Books That Are Timeless #KidLit #MGLit #Writers

tips for writing kids books

It’s every writer’s dream, isn’t it, to create a timeless classic? To craft a story that appeals to thousands, and continues to bring joy, wonder, and comfort long after we are gone. Books like:

  • Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland
  • Margaret Wise Brown’s Goodnight Moon
  • E.B. White’s Charlotte’s Web 

These books contain magical ingredients that stand the test of time.

What are these ingredients? Several accomplished, award-winning children’s book authors, editors, and publishers shared their thoughts on what makes a children’s book timeless. Their answers are below. My hope is that you glean at least one piece of advice to inspire, improve, or motivate your writing. If you haven’t begun to craft your story, then hopefully one will trigger a brand new story idea for you! But before we dive in:

An incredible bundle of resources and tools to help you create your own timeless children’s book just landedbut it won’t be here for long.

The KidLit Creators Super Stack (a hand curated collection of over $2,200+ worth of premium writing, publishing, marketing, and illustrating resources, training, and tools for just $49) expires Feb. 2.

This collection is packed so full of value, you really do need to see for yourself just how much you are getting (for almost nothing).

And now, what makes a children’s book timeless…


“You need to create a totally immersive experience. It’s the true essence of what makes a story, undiluted by extra characters and subplots. Consider every detail when creating your book, from the tone of the art to the thickness of the paper.”

Award-winning author of children’s books Grumbler, Joyride, and Pling’s Party,  Arielle Haughee is the owner of Orange Blossom Publishing, an editor, speaker, consultant, and Executive Vice President for the Florida Writers Association.

Make sure each element blends together to make the story come alive for children in a magical way. Matching the physical elements of the book to the character and theme of your story creates excellent immersion for the reader. If you ensure everything on the inside and outside of the book is the best quality  and shares a lasting message you will have a timeless children’s book.”


It all comes down to emotional connection. If your book finds a place inside a reader’s heart, it will stay there forever.

Laura Backes is a Random House published author, editor, agent, educator, and the publisher of Children’s Book Insider, Children’s Writing Monthly, and co-founder of She says what makes a book timeless is…

“Emotional connection. Create it with relatable and honestly crafted characters who participate in a story built upon universal emotions of childhood. Combine these with vivid settings, well-flowing dialogue and a warm author voice and you have the recipe for a classic.”


“Write a children’s book with a unique character. This is the key to creating a timeless book. With a great character, it doesn’t matter if you have a common plot because a compelling character will take the reader on a completely unique journey through new eyes. (Think: Harry Potter, The Cat in the Hat, The Little Engine That Could, etc.)”

Author Brooke Van Sickle has won multiple awards for her children’s books including the Moonbeam Children’s Award, the Royal & Purple Dragonfly Awards, and Mom’s Choice for honoring excellence in children’s books.


“In the world of middle grade novels, a timeless story is characterized by connection. If a young reader devours a book while hiding under their covers with a flashlight, a connection has been made. If a young reader gasps, and pauses, and holds the book next to their heart for a moment before continuing, a connection has been made. If a young reader wakes up in the morning, worrying about the main character, a connection has been made.”

Middle Grade publisher and senior editor at Chicken Scratch Books, Kiri Jorgensen, continues, “So how does a writer build that connection? It’s all about the character. Middle grade readers have to relate to the character’s choices, voice, and motive. When they can relate, understand, and appreciate those elements, they’ll dive into completely foreign worlds so they can continue to connect to the character they love.”


“Relatability is another word for the underlying themes that relate to children’s lived experiences and curiosities according to their age level. By unearthing what the real themes below your story are about, you get to see if your story has universal underlying themes that will stand the test of time. Balance emotion and action so it’s not all emotion or all action. Action or movement keeps your story lively to avoid boredom and emotion keeps us engaged on a heart level.

Former literary agent and university professor Mira Reisberg is an award-winning author/illustrator, the acquiring editor and art director at Clearfork Publishing/Spork, and the founder of the Children’s Book Academy, an international children’s book writing and illustrating school.

Now it’s your turn

Which of these 5 timeless methods of storytelling would you like to try? If you love these ideas, but want more detailed help on how to DO everything listed above…

The KidLit Creators is the perfect place to start.

Inside, you’ll find:

😍 Easy to follow, step-by-step ecourses, covering everything you need to know to be able to turn your story idea into a published book agents will be proud to represent (even if you have little to no experience)…

❤️ The secret ingredient required to create children’s picture books that both kids and adults will love (from an award-winning children’s book author)…

👫 Access to professional one-to-one story coaching from a Pushcart Prize nominee to help you get your book started, revised, or pushed through to completion…

And so much more.

Explore everything that’s waiting for you here.

Don’t forget: this offer disappears on Tuesday, February 2nd at 11:59pm EST. 

Please note that this post contains affiliate links, however, I only promote products that I recommend.

How Authors Can Engage With Readers: 3 Tips From The @AuthorEncounter

How Authors Can Engage With Readers: 3 Tips From The @AuthorEncounter

Are you an author seeking to connect with readers? Then you’ll definitely want to attend the January 8, 2021 Facebook live in the Shortcuts for Writers: Editing Made Simple group. Nan Jenkins of The Author Encounter will be chatting with me about that very topic. The event will be held at 12 p.m. CST and a replay will be available. If you’re not a member of the Shortcuts group, you can join here. I am honored to be a supporter member of The Author Encounter. Below, Nan shares three tips for building reader engagement. You’ll also learn about another special event The Author Encounter has coming up and how you can get more information. 

As writers we want to tell a story and have as many people as possible read that story and love it. Whether you’re an established author or just an aspiring one, a key component to reaching as many people as possible is engagement.

Engagement, or the relationship between Author and Reader, is not always easy to establish and can be a lot of work, but is key to spreading the word about a book or book series. There are three simple keys to establishing reader engagement that every author should think about and implement when building an audience. Those keys are Engagement, Consistency, and Follow-through. Using these keys will help create an audience that not only loves your creative works, but shares and engages with them.

How Do You Establish Engagement? 

The first step in establishing engagement with readers is to engage with them. They can’t engage if there is nothing to engage with. Figure out the most comfortable method for you whether it be some type of social media or email communication. Then once you set up your profile or build your email list, the next key begins. 

What Does Consistency Do For You?

Consistency lets people know where they can find you or expect to hear from you. At first when establishing an audience it can feel like you’re doing so much and no one is listening. However, most fans are excited when they know exactly where they can find and communicate with you. Which brings us to the next key: Follow-through.

How Does Follow-through Help?

Follow-through is key to establishing engagement because it lets the people know that they are communicating with a real person, not a bot or automatic system. So when a person asks a question on social media or in an email, a response is always important. Responding and following through on statements, comments, and questions not only establishes engagement, but it builds the bonds that tie your fans to your work.

Recap From Nan

Using these three keys of engagement, consistency, and follow-through in establishing engagement with your audience will give you a strong base to reach as many people as possible. Although the keys sound easy, they can be a lot of work to actually implement. This is one of the reasons I was so excited to help found The Author Encounter. 

The Author Encounter is dedicated to increasing the visibility of authors and boosting fan engagement.You can find more information about The Author Encounter on our website.

For more information on increasing fan engagement, join me for a live discussion on the topic January 8, 2021 at 12:00 p.m. CST in the Shortcuts For Writers: Editing Made Simple Group With Stacy Juba.

But Wait, There’s More! New Year, New Mindset

Two publishing industry innovators, The Author Encounter and D.C Gomez, will join together to bring you a new workshop for professionals in the publishing industry, “New Year, New Mindset” on January 15 at 6 p.m. CST. This is a rare type of workshop for authors, covering the harder parts of being an author. The online educational and inspirational discussion style workshop will focus on three critical issues that publishing industry professionals face: professional jealousy, imposter syndrome, and professional rejection.

“New Year, New Mindset “ is part of The Author Encounter’s professional development series that collaborates with publishing industry professionals to create career enhancing events. D.C. Gomez, a member of The Author Encounter, professional author and speaker, will be hosting this workshop. D.C.’s Dare series, Dare to Believe: A 4 Week Devotional to help you see yourself in a new light and start believing in your inner strength and Dare to Forgive: A 4 week devotional to help you heal the wounds of the past by forgiving yourself and others, are available on Amazon.

The inspiration for this workshop came in part from D.C. Gomez’s Dare series and the vision of The Author Encounter to create intimate uniquely themed events that engage and enhance the author and reader experience. It is our hope that by presenting these professional workshops and more like it that authors will have a safe environment for dealing with the real issues in the publishing industry. Registration is required, and space limited.

12 Free Gifts For Indie Authors Through Jan. 5 #writingcommunity #writinglife

12 Free Gifts For Indie Authors Through Jan. 5 #writingcommunity #writinglife

Christmas goody bags for writers

Are you an author who is ready to keep the holiday cheer going for another twelve days? Then you will absolutely love the 12 Days of Christmas Party sponsored by Thriving Scribes,

2020 has been something else, this year, hasn’t it? And this holiday season, all I want to do is share as much value with you as I possibly can to make the remainder of the year spectacular (and to help kick off 2021 on the right foot!).

A few weeks ago, my friend Brit had a fun idea for Christmas this year. She wanted to throw an online Christmas party of sorts… complete with goody bags full of freebies. I was totally on board!

This is your official invitation to be my +1. Join me at the party and grab your Regular Goody Bag. 🛍️ It’s free and comes with 12 days of FREE product drops of value up to $100. 🎉

You’ll find my Overused Words Cheat Sheet, a handy PDF featuring about 200 of the most commonly overused words that I’ve seen as an editor. It’s a tool normally just available to students enrolled inside my course Book Editing Blueprint: A Step-By-Step Plan To Making Your Novels Publishable. I know some writers who have even hung this handy resource above their desks as they refer to it so often.

While you’re picking up the free gifts, be sure to check out the Premium Goody Bag 🎁 as well. It contains more than $2,000 worth of premium products.

This party ends January 5.

Here’s a sneak peek of what else you could pick up…

  • How To Create Engaging Emails Workshop (free)
  • Triple Your Writing Speed course (premium)
  • Instagram for Authors (free)
  • Indie Publishing Fundamentals course (premium)
  • 12 Step Book Launch Strategy eBook (free)
  • Trello 4 Authors (free)

And more!

Want to join the party and get your hands on one, or both, of these goody bags? Sign up here.


Please note that this post contains affiliate links. If you purchase the premium goody bag through my link, then I will receive a commission.


Last Chance! Get Over $7,000 In Social Media Influencer Tools For $49!

Last Chance! Get Over $7,000 In Social Media Influencer Tools For $49!

social media influencerPlease note that I am an affiliate and receive a commission on sales. However, I wouldn’t recommend it if I didn’t think it was a great deal!

If you’re a published author with several books to promote, an entrepreneur, or a small business owner, you’ll want to explore the Social Media Influencer Super Stack.

Increase your reach, influence, and impact on social media with this hand-curated collection of cutting-edge tools and resources designed by industry insiders. ⁠You’ll learn strategies to master YouTube, LinkedIn, TikTok, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook Live, Facebook ads, hashtags, and more. You’ll also get trial subscriptions to several products so you can try out the ones that interest you and see if you’d like to make them part of your long-term strategy.

Total Retail Value: $7,253.87.⁠

Yours today for only $49. But hurry! The deal ends Tuesday, Dec. 1!⁠ You can take a walk-through tour of what to expect in the below video, which also reminds you that two other Cyber Monday deals are expiring very soon:

Writer’s Craft Stack 2.0 – Over $3,300 of writing courses and ebooks for $49. Deal ends 12/1
ProWritingAid Sale – 50 percent off lifetime license and 25 percent off annual license for this highly recommended grammar and style checker. Deal ends tonight, Nov. 30. New users who buy through my link can send me their receipt at stacy at for 3 bonuses.

Video Walk-Through Of Writer’s Craft 2.0 Bundle – 37 Products for $49

Video Walk-Through Of Writer’s Craft 2.0 Bundle – 37 Products for $49

Below is my 20-minute walk-through of the Writer’s Craft 2.0 Black Friday Super Stack – over $3,300 of courses for only $49! Craft the book of your dreams with this epic collection of 35+ step-by-step ecourses, writing masterclasses, bestselling ebooks, and planning software designed to help you transform your story idea into a page-turner readers will love.

I explain how this bundle came about, how it works, and go over the different products geared toward fiction writers and nonfiction writers. To make it less overwhelming, I talk about which products I recommend that you start with, depending on your level and genre. I also talk about sales for my own courses and how they tie into this bundle. I hope you find this helpful!

Check out the sale here before it disappears on Dec. 1!

Please note that I am an affiliate and receive a commission on sales. However, I wouldn’t recommend it if I didn’t think it was a great deal!

Video Walk-Through Of Writer’s Craft 2.0 Bundle – 37 Products for $49

Get Over $3,300 Worth Of #Writing Courses For Only $49! Ends 12/1 #Writers

Black Friday for writers
Black Friday has come early for writers! You don’t want to miss Writer’s Craft 2.0, an amazing bundle of tools, training and resources that will help you level up your writing. Craft the book of your dreams with this epic collection of 35+ step-by-step ecourses, writing masterclasses, bestselling ebooks, and planning software designed to help you transform your story idea into a page-turner readers will love.

Total retail value: $3,361.77

It’s yours today for only $49!

Just getting started and want to avoid costly mistakes? You’ll find a proven blueprint to turn your ideas into page-turning narrative here.

Been writing for a while, but lost the fire and passion you once had? You’ll find plenty of ways to re-ignite your love of creative writing (and make it more profitable than ever) inside here.

Or maybe you’re just looking to immerse yourself in the writing craft and learn the secrets of editors, instructors, and bestselling authors. 

Below are images showing just a few of the goodies you’ll find inside this bundle.

This deal expires on Tuesday, December 1st at 11:59pm EST. After that, the deal vanishes.

Click here to pick up your copy of Writer’s Craft 2.0 before it’s gone forever.

Please note that I am an affiliate and receive a commission on sales. However, I wouldn’t recommend it if I didn’t think it was a great deal!

Black Friday for writers
Buy ProWritingAid On Sale And Get My 3 Bonuses! #writingcommunity #writing

Buy ProWritingAid On Sale And Get My 3 Bonuses! #writingcommunity #writing

ProWritingAid Black Friday

I know a lot of you have been hoping ProWritingAid would hold their annual Black Friday sale this year and have been waiting to buy, just in case. I’ve got good news. It’s here, and they’re going big! And there’s more. If you’re a brand new user and purchase by clicking my affiliate link, and then forward me your receipt, I’ve got three bonuses for you.

Here are the details:

The sale is on now through Monday, Nov 30 at 11:59 PM PST. For any purchases made today or tomorrow, (Nov. 23 or 24) ProWritingAid will donate $5 per purchase to the Children’s Literacy Charity. So, if you know you want to take advantage of the sale, buy now and you can give to charity at the same time.

  • Lifetime licenses are 50% off.
  • Annual licenses are 25% off.

My bonuses for new ProWritingAid users who buy through my link and send me the receipt are:

1. My two-page Overused Words Cheat Sheet, a valuable tool otherwise only available to students in my online course Book Editing Blueprint. This resource will help you to find the overused words in your writing as well as the “padding words” that can be easily cut.

2. I’ll also send you a 42-minute tutorial video that teaches you how to use the Overused Words Cheat Sheet and unleash the power of ProWritingAid and Google Docs/Microsoft Word.

3. My ProWritingAid Cheat Sheet – To help you get up and running quickly, I compiled a cheat sheet of helpful links from the ProWritingAid website guiding you through the set-up and how to use my favorite features.

Okay, so those of you who have been waiting for this sale are probably clicking the link right now. If you’ve never heard of ProWritingAid before, or it sounds familiar but you’re not quite sure what it is, here are some FAQs below.


What is ProWritingAid and why is this sale a big deal?

It’s my favorite editing software, and is a grammar checker, style editor, and writing mentor in one package. I’ve used the premium version for years and have corresponded with their support team as a customer and as an affiliate.

I am promoting this tool as ProWritingAid is an excellent supplement to my signature online course Book Editing Blueprint: A Step-By-Step Plan to Making Your Novels Publishable, and it’s a resource that I recommend to my editing clients. It’s also great for college students and businesses. 

The sale is a big deal as they only drop their prices once, maybe twice, a year. As an affiliate, I can normally get you 20 percent off, but that’s obviously not as good as the Black Friday sale deal. 

Will it catch every mistake you make? No. It’s impossible for a software program to catch every error. Some manuscripts will still need a copyeditor and/or proofreader. Sometimes, ProWritingAid will even give you bad advice. It’s important to have basic grammar knowledge so you can make an educated decision whether to follow a recommendation or ignore it.

Despite these drawbacks, I still highly recommend ProWritingAid. It will catch many typos, misspellings, and grammatical errors, identify flabby and overused words, and do so much more. If you’re an author, it will help clean up the manuscript so your editors can do their jobs more efficiently, and it may cut down on your editing expenses.

Which plan should I get, annual or lifetime?

Think about how often you’ll use it. Are you a prolific author who churns out a couple books per year? Do you run a business? Are you a college student? Then maybe the lifetime ProWritingAid license would be a worthwhile investment. I found that paying a one-time fee for a lifetime license was a much cheaper alternative than renewing a subscription on an ongoing basis. Getting it now, for 50 percent off, is a fantastic deal!

I might be interested. What do I do next?

 It’s simple. Order through my link: Then forward your receipt to and I will send you my three bonuses.

Affiliate Disclaimer: If you purchase through my affiliate link, I will earn a commission on sales.

Celebrate Indie Author Day With The Author Encounter (And Me!)

Celebrate Indie Author Day With The Author Encounter (And Me!)

Indie Author Day

I’m excited to be leading a workshop on Nov. 7, 2020 as part of The Author Encounter’s Indie Author Day celebration. If you’re an indie author or industry professional, The Author Encounter has tailored this day to you. Free and open to the public, this event will offer pre-recorded webinars, live panels, and workshops on topics such as the costs of self-publishing, ISBNs for self-publishing, how to get your book in libraries, audiobook production, marketing tips, and Pinterest for authors.

My session is titled Self-Editing Secrets: How to Simplify the Editing Process and Not Break the Bank. Registration is required. You can sign up here.

This event will be part of the fifth annual Indie Author Day event. In the past years, nearly 300 libraries hosted thousands of authors across the United States and Canada. This year, high participation is expected again. This is an opportunity for the indie community to come together to help self-published and independent authors learn and get discovered.

“Publishing your own work is more viable today than ever before and the Independent Book Publishers Association is honored to support those who choose this entrepreneurial path,” said Angela Bole, IBPA CEO. “Indie Author Day will provide a chance to discuss publishing options, learn best practices and celebrate successes with a tribe of forward thinking writers, publishers and librarians.”

In addition to the activities that will be happening nationally, The Author Encounter will enrich its programming with selected workshop videos produced by Indie Author Day sponsors from around the world. A panel will include Shay Baby of the Brown Book Series and DC Gomez of Inside the Minds of Authors. There will also be bonus content from the founders, Bethany Averie, YA author, and Nan Jenkins, virtual assistant.

Beyond this annual event, the Indie Author Day community offers programming on both the and the to help libraries and authors stay connected throughout the year.

The main focus of The Author Encounter is increasing visibility for authors and creating super fans through unique theme events. It’s free for published authors to join. For more information about the event, click here.

To learn more about the national Indie Author Day, visit


Selling Online Courses: 100+ Creators Share Their Sales Secrets  #SalesMasterySummit

Selling Online Courses: 100+ Creators Share Their Sales Secrets #SalesMasterySummit

sell online courses

Just wanted to share that I am one of the speakers at The Sales Mastery Summit – All About Selling Online Courses, Memberships or Masterminds. I’m delighted to extend limited free passes to you to attend this summit at absolutely no cost. Here is the link to get a free pass. (Please note that this is an affiliate link, so if you purchase any upgrades, I will receive a small commission.) The summit, for women by women, goes live from Sept. 17-19, 2020. I’ll be a panelist on Day 3, Session 50, talking about launching my self-paced editing course for fiction and creative nonfiction writers, Book Editing Blueprint: A Step-By-Step Plan to Making Your Novels Publishable.

My courses are hosted on the Thinkific platform, and branching out from writing and editing books to creating and selling online courses has been quite a journey! During this event, 100+ course creators from all over the world are sharing their sales secrets which allow them to offer courses, masterminds, and memberships to the world, and charge the price for their offers that they deserve.

In the last few months, there are more online courses which have come up than ever. The knowledge industry is aiming to become a billion dollar a day industry. You can increase the sales of your online course, membership, or mastermind up learning the sales secrets from 100+ speakers.

The world needs your wisdom, and I am excited to share my secret sales strategies as a course creator with you during this summit. Purvi Tantia, the host of the summit, helps women of wisdom to create legacy. She is a globally renowned business coach to women in coaching and consulting. She is the founder of “Women of Wisdom Movement” or “WoW Movement” which is a global movement aimed to empower women in coaching and consulting businesses to build purposeful tribes and monetize them using the power of stories.

Named as one of the most sought after story coaches and business coaches in the world, Purvi has travelled to over 30 countries, served clients globally, and given keynote speeches on prestigious stages in five countries. Having been featured on TED, she wrote her secret talk strategies in a book called, STORY: The Hidden Secret of Successful TED talks. Grab a Free Pass for the summit at this link: and you will find the sales secrets to skyrocket your online course/mastermind/membership.

online course creators
Come Write With Friends In the Anam Cara Writing Community

Come Write With Friends In the Anam Cara Writing Community

online writing community


Affiliate Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.

Are you the type of writer that feels motivated by participating in writing communities? Do you find it helpful to set goals alongside other authors who are on the same journey as you are? Some members might focus on a different genre or be at a different skill level, but they all share a passion for creativity and a love of the written word and they all want one another to succeed.

If this sounds like the type of experience you might be interested in, then I’d like to introduce you to Payam Salehi, the founder of Anam Cara, a vibrant writing community for those who believe writing can be far more joyful and productive when surrounded by community.

Anam Cara offers thoughtfully designed 5-Week Online Writing Quests, which include award-winning authors as guides, accountability buddies, weekly writing lessons, secret rewards, and more. As the founder of Shortcuts for Writers, I’m always on the lookout for opportunities that my Book Editing Blueprint students, editing clients, and Facebook group followers might be interested in.

When I heard about Anam Cara, I thought it sounded really interesting, so I hopped on a Zoom call with Payam, and I later spoke with a member of a previous 5-Week Online Writing Quest to get a better understanding of how it all worked. After learning more about the program, I felt like it was well worth relaying to my followers.

So, first, I want to tell you about the next Writing Quest and offer you a coupon code. Second, you can read my in-depth interview with Payam below, and I’ll share how you can contact him directly if you have further questions.

Check Out The Next 5-Week Online Writing Quest.

July 14-August 18, 2020

Use code “shortcut” for a $20 discount

Our friends at Anam Cara want to welcome you with open arms into their vibrant writing community for their next 5-week Online Writing QuestYou’ll set your own writing goal, be matched with an accountability buddy, unlock secret rewards, learn from an award-winning author and guest speakers, and most importantly, meet others who believe writing can be far more joyful and productive when surrounded by soul friends. Guest speakers include New York Times bestselling author Alka Joshi, author of The Henna Artist, and Irving Ruan, a writer at The New Yorker.

Faith Adiele

                     Faith Adiele

Your guide on this journey will be Faith Adiele, an award-winning author, professor, and speaker. She has been featured in The Oprah Magazine, Marie Claire Magazine’s 5 Women to Learn From, on NPR, and has written/starred in a documentary on PBS. Educated at Harvard, the Iowa Writers Workshop in Fiction, and the Nonfiction Writing Program at Iowa, Faith Adiele has lived, taught, and presented around the globe. Her memoir about becoming the first black Buddhist nun of Thailand, Meeting Faith (W.W. Norton), received numerous accolades including a PEN Open Book Award for Best Memoir and 16 artists’ residencies. She has also previously founded the nation’s first workshop for travel writers of color through VONA/Voices and wrote/starred in a documentary that’s been featured on PBS titled, “My Journey Home.”

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Interview With Founder Payam Salehi

Payam SalehiWriting a book is solitary work. How can doing a Writing Quest help? 

While writing a book—or essays, blog posts, poetry, whatever it may be—is inherently an internal process, we’ve found through doing these Quests that the biggest boost of productivity and fun comes from finding others in the same boat as you. Having a support system can make all the difference in turning writing from a hair-pulling experience into a source of joy. 

In this Quest, you choose your own 5-week writing goal, and we’ll surround you with an expert instructor and an incredibly supportive community to provide you with the motivation and tools to help you hit your goal.

For example, we match everyone with an accountability buddy based on their writing level, genre, and personality fit and place people into teams. In these teams, they give each other constant feedback and help one another reach their goals and unlock secret rewards, which range from silly encouragement videos to private, 30-minute calls with professional editors and authors.

We celebrated so many amazing achievements in the last quest—one person wrote 20,000 words, another launched a new blog—which we think is a testament to how much everyone supported each other in both doing their work and having fun.

Some writers might not have considered seeking accountability partners and other writers to share their work with. Why do you think it’s beneficial to make these connections? 

There’s something really powerful about helping someone else reach their goals and feel proud of their accomplishments. It provides a sense of fulfillment and connection that you might not find as easily in other aspects of life. 

We actually heard from one of the participants in the last Quest that she was initially skeptical about the accountability buddy process, but after it ended, she was a “convert.” She told us that she learned how to ask for feedback, how to be more open, and how to see potential in herself that she hadn’t previously felt. Another has said that she was able to improve her non-fiction writing by being matched with an accountability buddy who was working on short stories, which gave her a fresh perspective she wouldn’t have otherwise.

A number of folks have messaged us in the weeks since the last Quest saying they are still meeting with their buddies weekly—that’s exactly the kind of relationship we’re trying to cultivate!

What does a Writing Quest offer that might be hard to find in a free community? What do you think the role is of a free community vs. a paid one? 

There are definitely great aspects of being part of a free online writing group, but generally, its biggest benefit is also its biggest drawback: flexibility. When something is free, it’s easier to bail or not make it a priority. 

We attract a committed group of people who show up to make progress on their writing goals and to be there for another person—an excellent complement to belonging to free groups. We find that having a financial and time commitment creates skin in the game and keeps the momentum going. And each quest is 5 weeks—long enough to make some significant progress, but not so long that it feels like an overwhelming commitment.

Each week during your Quest, I noticed your instructor provides weekly writing lessons. Can you elaborate on what is covered?

First of all, you’re going to be in good hands — our Instructor or what we like to call “Quest Guide,” Faith Adiele, is an award-winning author, writing professor, and speaker, and she has been featured in The Oprah Magazine, Marie Claire Magazine’s 5 Women to Learn From, on NPR, and has written and starred in a documentary on PBS. 

And because of her range of experiences, she’s able to speak on many different aspects of the writing process—there’s something in there for everyone. Participants have mentioned how much they learned about new areas to explore more.

Faith creates short, practical writing lessons that folks can immediately integrate into their work, ranging from craft lessons, like how to use our 11 senses to improve your writing, to strategy lessons, like how to develop strong writing habits and actionable steps to take to get your work published. She often has folks bring their writing to our sessions so they can immediately apply the lessons to their work.

And on top of all she brings to the table, we also feature exciting guest speakers. In the past we brought in Vanessa Hua from the SF Chronicle, and we have even more up our sleeves for the next Quest.

What do you think makes your Writing Quests unique?

There are so many great resources out there, whether you’re watching videos about writing or getting inspired by other writers. But this is a place where you come to write, to show up for yourself and for others. 

There are three key elements to our Writing Quests that make up the support system we’re building: An award-winning author provides weekly lessons to help you fine-tune your craft, accountability buddies encourage you and give you feedback, and weekly secret rewards keep you motivated and add in a dose of joy.

We know that writing is hard work, but you don’t have to do it alone. There’s a community being built for you, a space where people will be every day, writing, sharing, and encouraging. And when you do that with others over and over, you’ll be amazed at how quickly it can send you straight through to a published piece (or whatever your goal may be).

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Remember to use the code “shortcut” for a $20 discount. The last Quest sold out, so sign up soon!

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