New Time Management For Writers Course – On Sale With Bonuses!

New Time Management For Writers Course – On Sale With Bonuses!

I’m so excited! I’m getting ready to launch a brand new course called Time Management Blueprint for Writers: Transform Your Life and Finish Your Book. In fact, you can preorder it for just $49 if you use the code “launch sale” at checkout by June 25. You’ll also get some amazing limited-time bonuses. Regular price is $79, though I expect to increase that later this summer.

This self-paced, comprehensive course will guide you through the process of organizing your life one step at a time so that you can become healthier and happier while boosting your creativity and productivity.

It can feel impossible to balance your dreams with a day job, family responsibilities, household chores, and a never-ending list of distractions all vying for your attention. Everything seems urgent and you’re pulled in too many directions, which can result in fatigue, stress, irritability, and frustration that you lack the time and energy to pursue your passion.

Manage Your Time

Through a series of engaging written lessons and short video tutorials that get straight to the point, you’ll assess your life in four key areas: Electronic Clutter, External Clutter, Internal Clutter, and the logistics of Getting Things Done.

In Time Management Blueprint, we’ll cover:

Tackling email and social media
Organizing your digital files and bookmarks
Automating routine tasks
Decluttering your home and setting up an inspiring work or writing environment
Unwinding, improving focus, and getting into a flow state
Handling distractions and interruptions
Prioritizing, planning, and breaking down goals into manageable steps
Mastering your calendar
Pushing through creative blocks and setbacks
Nailing your writing or work sessions

finding time to write a book

If you’re ready to stop spinning your wheels and reclaim control, then Time Management Blueprint for Writers: Transform Your Life and Finish Your Book, will give you powerful and practical tools to succeed and find balance.

Many of you know me as a fiction writer and developmental editor. This course is all about editing different aspects of your life. In addition to the lessons and videos, you’ll get extensive cheat sheets recapping all the key points of the course, a workbook, spreadsheets, habit trackers, and more.

Snatch up the course before the price increases to $79 on June 26 and the launch bonuses disappear.

Launch Bonuses

Bonus #1 – Are you considering hiring an author assistant but don’t know whether you can afford it? Maybe you’re not even sure what type of work to hand over to an assistant. Perhaps you’ve thought about working as an author VA yourself to make some extra money. Well, you’ve come to the right place. I interviewed seven author assistants who will tell you everything you need to know. This short ebook is filled with helpful tips and lots of resources for further exploration.

Bonus #2 – Colleen Mitchell, a life coach and host of the This is Type 1 podcast, has created a short but extremely informative video titled The Reason You Aren’t Writing and How to Overcome It. This bonus includes a workbook and tips about writer’s block.

Bonus #3 – Katharine Grubb, founder of 10 Minute Novelists, has donated an e-book copy of Think Like A Writer in 10 Minutes a Day. This is a workbook for the absolute beginning writer filled with simple exercises that can help tap into inner creativity, define short-and long-term goals, and encourage confidence that new writers need. Whether you want to be a professional writer or just tinker around, this workbook gently points you in the right direction.

Bonus #4 – Listen to the relaxing Crystal Gazebo of Life guided meditation offered by Lara Piu, author of AIM – The Analytical Intuition Method: 3 Steps to Eliminate Indecision, Create Innovation, and Dominate the Market.

Use code launchsale to get Time Management Blueprint for Writers, plus all of the above bonuses, for just $49. Those who preorder will get early access to the first two modules now and full access to the course and bonuses by June 21.

The price will increase to $79 after the launch.

Evergreen Bonuses

The below bonuses are always included with the course.

5-minute meditation – Unwind with the guided meditation, Pressing Pausecontributed by Melanie Steele. This audio is one of her Monday Meditations for the Writer’s Soul.

4 free Trello boards – Start organizing your life with free Trello templates offered by Brit Poe of Thriving Scribes. Brit, creator of the in-depth course Trello 4 Authors, has shared four boards from her paid program. You’ll get her Day Board, Week Board, Year Board, and Goals and Intentions Board.  

Writing productivity spreadsheet – Track your word counts with this user-friendly spreadsheet offered by Rahel Wallace, author brand coach and creator of the Indie Author Support: Prosperity Through Community Facebook group.

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