🎊The Shortcuts for Writers Course Catalog🎊

Welcome! Below you will find all my free and paid offers arranged into 5 categories.

1. Signature Programs – My most comprehensive self-paced courses, these include 40+ lessons, my signature frameworks, workbooks, transcripts, checklists, and more.

2. Writing Craft Quick Wins – Shorter, deep-dive courses honing in on a particular aspect of the writing craft. They are packed with information and resources, but shouldn’t take you long to complete.

3. Writer’s Focus & Flow Power-ups – Shorter, deep-dive courses relating to productivity, mindset, or creativity. Although they are filled with information and resources, they shouldn’t take you long to finish.

4. Editing Services – Learn about my one-on-one developmental editing and line editing services.

5. Free Resource Vault – Get a feel for my teaching style and Shortcuts for Writers with these free tools.

Signature In-Depth Programs

💻Book Editing Blueprint: A Step-By-Step Plan to Making Your Novels Publishable - ($497)

Discover my signature editing framework, a complete step-by-step system that teaches you how to spot the flaws in your novel and fix them so that you can ditch the overwhelm, save time and money, and strengthen your chances of impressing readers, agents, and publishers. Go at your own pace as you learn to think like an editor.

This comprehensive course includes 50+ lessons, a workbook, transcripts, and numerous tools and resources to evaluate your manuscript and plan your edits. According to students, the 26-page self-editing checklist is pure gold!

Learn more here.


📖 Time Management Blueprint for Writers: Transform Your Life and Finish Your Book ($297)

Do you ever feel as if you’re juggling too many balls and your writing career is always the one that gets dropped?  Using a simple 4-part framework, this self-paced course geared specifically toward writers will guide you through organizing your life one step at a time so you can become healthier and happier while boosting your creativity and productivity.

This is one of my signature programs, which means it includes 40+ lessons, a workbook, transcripts, and loads of actionable tools and resources. You’ll learn how to set up the writing, marketing, and lifestyle systems that work for you, helping you to get more done without the overwhelm.    

Learn more here.


Writing Craft Quick Wins

💰Book Blurbs Made Simple: How to Write Back Cover Copy That Stands Out and Hooks Readers ($9)

Discover the secrets to hooking readers in seconds. This $9 course helps fiction and nonfiction authors master their blurbs so they can draw in readers and sell more books. The course includes videos, a 50-page workbook, cheat sheets, and more tools.

Get it for just $9 here.


📔Perfect Your Plot: Common Story Development Mistakes and How to Overcome Them ($47)

Learn how to avoid common plotting pitfalls that can derail your storyline and alienate your readers in this course packed with practical examples inspired by real editorial letters. Discover the 6 story development mistakes that writers make and find the plot weaknesses in your own manuscript.

Get it for $47 here.

✂️ First Pages Quick Fix Clinic: Revising for Powerful Opening Pages ($47)
Craft an irresistible opening that captivates from the very first word. Learn diverse techniques, what problems to avoid, and explore a library of 9 critiques from a seasoned editor. Apply these tips to dazzle your readers with a brilliant first impression.

Get it for $47 here.

😊Energize Your Writing Toolkit: Cheat Sheets for Character Emotions ($67)
Never craft character emotions from scratch again. Get the ultimate shortcut to describing your characters’ behavior with these jam-packed cheat sheets of over 4,000 emotional prompts. Have a complete catalog of nonverbal cues at your fingertips and a system for going forward.

Get it for $67 here.

Writer’s Focus & Flow Power-Ups

✨The Writer's Muse Journal: Oracle Card Spreads for Creative Inspiration ($9)
Dive into 190+ captivating spreads to amplify your characters, deepen your story’s core, fuel personal growth, and craft across genres including mystery, romance, science fiction, fantasy, children’s, memoir, and much more. A perfect next step after taking Oracle Cards for Writers, or a nice introduction to tapping into your subconscious.

Get it for just $9 here. 

🖼️ Vision Board Toolkit for Writers: Empower Your Future ($37)

Author your future through the power of vision boards. Get ready to dream, create, and achieve by digging into a physical or digital art project that serves as a motivational keepsake. Navigate through self-paced lessons and a digital toolkit of inspirational messages and quotes for writers, phrases related to writing and publishing, vibrant images, fill-in-the-blank graphics, and much more.

Get it for $37 here. 

🌟Oracle Cards for Writers: Unlock Your Story Magic and Overcome Blocks to Success ($47)
Come on an enchanting journey that empowers you to connect with your intuition, shatter creative barriers, strengthen your mindset, and embrace the magic within your words. Explore 9 richly illustrated lessons, journaling prompts, oracle and tarot card spreads for writers, symbolism, and much more.

Get it for $47 here.

📕NLP for Fiction Writers: Enhance Your Skills and Creative Flow ($49)
In this hands-on workshop taught by Master NLP Practitioner Beth Barany and hosted on Stacy’s Thrivecart platform, you’ll explore the tool of neurolinguistic programming to help you boost your writing productivity, clarify your creative goals, overcome hurdles, and engage curiosity to refine your craft and improve your creative process.

Get it for $49 here.

One-on-One Editing Services

🫶Hiring Me as Your Book Editor ($4-$6 per page)

I’ve published 10 of my own books, edited hundreds of manuscripts for my clients, and have had thousands of students go through my online courses. I love to read and am passionate about helping authors tell their stories. I’ve worked with writers of all levels, from beginner to USA Today bestselling. 

Click here to learn more about the editing process, rates, what to expect, and what my clients are saying. 

Free Resource Vault

👀The Looks and Gazes Quickstart Guide (Free)

Do a search and I’ll bet you find more “looks” than you expected in your manuscript. Download The Looks and Gazes Quickstart Guide and discover more than 100 ways to describe your characters’ looks and gazes.

These cheat sheets come from The Energize Your Writing Toolkit, so get a sneak peek and start punching up those trite sentences.

Get it for free here.

✏️Line Editing Made Simple: 5 Days to More Polished Pages (Free)

Does the thought of editing your book seem overwhelming? If your manuscript could use trimming and polishing, sign up for this free mini course that features bite-sized concepts and assignments to help you kick-start your line editing.

Register for free here.

📒How to Create Your Editing Game Plan Masterclass (Free)

Inside this free masterclass, you’ll learn the: 4 stages of editing, types of editors and what they do, and the average costs of publishing a book.

You’ll also walk away knowing why hiring an editor too early can be a costly mistake, the differences between high-level and low-level edits so that you can aim high, and the basics of the self-editing framework I’ve taught to hundreds of authors.

Register for free.

📛Tips for Naming Characters Guide (Free)

Unfortunately, picking the perfect name isn’t as easy as it looks⁠—especially when you have several characters and need to make each name distinct. Let me help you simplify the process.

Get the Tips for Naming Characters Guide and learn what to keep in mind when choosing a name and discover helpful character-naming sites. Make naming an easier task beginning today!

Get it free here.

💡Awakening the Creative Muse: A Writer's Guide to Intuition (Free)

We all know those moments when our writing takes on a magical quality, characters come to life, and words flow effortlessly.

But in today’s fast-paced world, our intuitive voice often gets drowned out by the noise of daily life. Get 8 tips to access the hidden powers of your creativity in this free guide.

Sign up here.

👋Shortcuts for Writers: Editing Made Simple Facebook Group (Free)
Join my Facebook group to stay in the loop about resources and events and become part of a positive community that has drawn more than 2,600 writers of all levels from around the world.

Join here and be sure to answer the screening questions.   

📰Shortcuts for Writers Blog Posts & Guest Guidelines (Free)

Catch up on the latest blog posts. You’ll find articles on the craft of writing; the popular ‘Behind the Rewrite’ guest posts that explain why and how authors made certain editing decisions; productivity and time management tips; podcast interviews; and much more.

Read the blog here.

Read the guest blog guidelines here.

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