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Book Editing Blueprint: A Step-By-Step Plan To Making Your Novels Publishable

Learn how to streamline the editing process in this affordable, self-paced online course that will empower beginner and intermediate writers to think like an editor so they can save time and money. This steppingstone to hiring an editor includes 10 modules, a bonus module on motivation, a workbook to guide you through evaluating your manuscript, and a 25-page self-editing checklist that you can refer to for every book you write.


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Energize Your Writing Toolkit: Cheat Sheets For Character Emotions E-Book & Mini Course

Never struggle with character emotions again! Get this 100-page printable toolkit packed with more than 4,000 emotional phrases arranged into easy-to-digest lists. Includes nonverbal communication overview, walk-through video, bonus video, and discussion questions.


Free Line Editing Class

Could your manuscript use trimming and polishing? Sign up for the FREE email class: Line Editing Made Simple - 5 Days To More Polished Pages. You'll get bite-sized lessons and assignments to help you kick-start your line editing. Sign up now!

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