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Line Editing Made Simple: 5 Days To More Polished Pages

Does the thought of editing your book seem overwhelming? If your manuscript could use trimming and polishing, sign up for this free mini course. It features bite-sized concepts and assignments to help you kick-start your line editing. Learn quick, simple tips that will make a big difference in your writing. 

Facebook groups for writers

Free Facebook Group & Book Blurb Toolkit

Join the Shortcuts for Writers Facebook group, an international community of beginner, intermediate, and advanced writers. You’ll find a friendly supportive community focused on the craft of writing and editing; weekly prompts; an extensive library of blog posts, videos, and podcasts; informative Facebook lives; and guest workshops. You can also download the free guide, 7 Simple Steps to Nailing Your Book Blurb in Unit 1.

tips for naming characters

Free Character-Naming Guide

Download this informative guide on questions to ask yourself when naming your characters. Includes a list of amazing websites to help you find the perfect names to fit your book’s genre or era.

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Free Line Editing Class

Could your manuscript use trimming and polishing? Sign up for the FREE email class: Line Editing Made Simple - 5 Days To More Polished Pages. You'll get bite-sized lessons and assignments to help you kick-start your line editing. Sign up now!

free editing class

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