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How to Create Your Editing Game Plan Masterclass

Inside this free masterclass, you’ll learn the: 4 stages of editing, types of editors and what they do, and the
average costs of publishing a book. You’ll also walk away knowing why hiring an editor too early can be a costly mistake, the differences between high-level and low-level edits so that you can aim high, and the basics of the self-editing framework I’ve taught to hundreds of authors

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The Looks and Gazes Quickstart Guide

Do a search and I’ll bet you find more “looks” than you expected in your manuscript. Download The Looks and Gazes Quickstart Guide and discover more than 100 ways to describe your characters’ looks and gazes. These cheat sheets come from The Energize Your Writing Toolkit, so get a sneak peek and start punching up those trite sentences. 

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Your Best Writing Year Ever: 4 Time Management Hacks to Kickstart Your Productivity

Do you ever feel completely overwhelmed? Like there’s never enough time to: write your book, pursue the business side of your writing career, spend time with family and friends, finish household chores, or maintain healthy habits like exercise? If you could use some time management tips, then I want to invite you to watch an on-demand recording of my free training specifically geared toward writers.

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Line Editing Made Simple: 5 Days to More Polished Pages

Does the thought of editing your book seem overwhelming? If your manuscript could use trimming and polishing, sign up for this free mini course. It features bite-sized concepts and assignments to help you kick-start your line editing.

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Though I submitted my essay ‘A Blur in the Field’ to a few literary journals without publication, I tried again with Cutleaf, but only AFTER I ran it through Stacy Juba’s Line Editing Cheat Sheet. The essay was immediately accepted for publication and I was paid more for it than for any other piece I’ve published! I recommend Stacy’s smart and helpful list. It makes everything I write better. (Of course I’m still using it!)” Lori Brack



Line Editing Made Simple was a good reminder and refresher. I come from a journalism, nonfiction background, so while things like ‘that’ and other redundancies are on my radar (cliche!), some other things not as much. I loved that the lessons were written out! I can review it, make notes, come back to it as needed!” Michelle

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