Free Workshop On Journaling Benefits & Tips

Free Workshop On Journaling Benefits & Tips

Kat Caldwell, the author of Write Your Life: More Than Just A Journal, will present a short workshop on the benefits of journaling April 2 at 7 p.m. EST in the Shortcuts for Writers Facebook group. She will discuss her path down the road of journaling, why she became so ardent about it, and why she thinks you should journal as well. For those who listen to the video, there are some goodies at the end.

It’s not necessary to attend live as the replay wil be available to group members in Unit 8. If you’d like to chat with Kat in the comments live, she will be there from 7-7:30 p.m. EST to answer questions. You need to be a member of the Shortcuts for Writers Facebook group to attend. If you’re not a member, you can request to join the group here. Be sure to answer the membership questions.

Kat is a writer of historical fiction and fantasy fiction. She is not only passionate about writing the stories that come into her head, but also that other people write the story of their lives. She hosts a podcast for creatives and their businesses called Pencils & Lipstick and hopes to come out with her contemporary novel in the fall of 2020.

You can find her at:

On Kat’s website, there is a Free Quarantine journaling bundle right at the top menu. You can also sign up for her journaling prompt newsletter here. If you are interested in more journaling prompts, be sure to follow her on Instagram as she posts different ones there.


Kat also interviewed me recently on the Pencils & Lipstick podcast. The first 40 minutes discuss the ups and downs of my writing journey and what led me to this point in my career, and then for the rest of the podcast we talk about my online course Book Editing Blueprint and the common mistakes that writers make.

You can listen to our interview here.

Pencils&Lipstick is for anyone who is a writer, reader, or looking for encouragement to develop their creativity. Kat interviews writers, entrepreneurs, artists, and many others. You’ll get audio samples of new books coming out, and she tackles life issues that plague us all. You can also join her Pencils&Lipstick Facebook group, a growing community where creatives come together to encourage and connect.

Journaling Books

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Here are a couple of Kat’s journaling books.

Write Your Life: More Than Just A JournalSometimes we can get into a rut when chronicling our lives. That’s why Kat wanted to make something where you could fill in some fun details about yourself without interrupting your personal journaling flow. This journal contains lined pages with prompts scattered throughout. Prompts like: what are your favorite foods now? What music are you into? Has the genre changed over the years?

journaling tips

Push a Pencil: 40 Prompts to Further Develop Your Creative Writing – This isn’t just a book of writing prompts; this is a writing journal. With fun, descriptive ideas, space to write, and examples, this is a book you can take and use anywhere. The prompts range from a character waking up in a trench in WWI to a spell causing your character to speak as they write on social media. Cultivate Your Writing Craft is great for any writer, no matter what the experience, to get their creative juices flowing. Cultivate your craft using characters you already created or make up new ones. Use this book in a writing group and compare with your writing friends. Your imagination is endless, but sometimes you need a new idea to grow a story from. Use these prompts as a way to start a new story or add to one you already have.

Remember to check out the Shortcuts for Writers group so you can watch Kat’s workshop on journaling benefits and tips.

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