Buy ProWritingAid On Sale And Get My 3 Bonuses! #writingcommunity #writing

Buy ProWritingAid On Sale And Get My 3 Bonuses! #writingcommunity #writing

ProWritingAid Black Friday

I know a lot of you have been hoping ProWritingAid would hold their annual Black Friday sale this year and have been waiting to buy, just in case. I’ve got good news. It’s here, and they’re going big! And there’s more. If you’re a brand new user and purchase by clicking my affiliate link, and then forward me your receipt, I’ve got three bonuses for you.

Here are the details:

The sale is on now through Monday, Nov 30 at 11:59 PM PST. For any purchases made today or tomorrow, (Nov. 23 or 24) ProWritingAid will donate $5 per purchase to the Children’s Literacy Charity. So, if you know you want to take advantage of the sale, buy now and you can give to charity at the same time.

  • Lifetime licenses are 50% off.
  • Annual licenses are 25% off.

My bonuses for new ProWritingAid users who buy through my link and send me the receipt are:

1. My two-page Overused Words Cheat Sheet, a valuable tool otherwise only available to students in my online course Book Editing Blueprint. This resource will help you to find the overused words in your writing as well as the “padding words” that can be easily cut.

2. I’ll also send you a 42-minute tutorial video that teaches you how to use the Overused Words Cheat Sheet and unleash the power of ProWritingAid and Google Docs/Microsoft Word.

3. My ProWritingAid Cheat Sheet – To help you get up and running quickly, I compiled a cheat sheet of helpful links from the ProWritingAid website guiding you through the set-up and how to use my favorite features.

Okay, so those of you who have been waiting for this sale are probably clicking the link right now. If you’ve never heard of ProWritingAid before, or it sounds familiar but you’re not quite sure what it is, here are some FAQs below.


What is ProWritingAid and why is this sale a big deal?

It’s my favorite editing software, and is a grammar checker, style editor, and writing mentor in one package. I’ve used the premium version for years and have corresponded with their support team as a customer and as an affiliate.

I am promoting this tool as ProWritingAid is an excellent supplement to my signature online course Book Editing Blueprint: A Step-By-Step Plan to Making Your Novels Publishable, and it’s a resource that I recommend to my editing clients. It’s also great for college students and businesses. 

The sale is a big deal as they only drop their prices once, maybe twice, a year. As an affiliate, I can normally get you 20 percent off, but that’s obviously not as good as the Black Friday sale deal. 

Will it catch every mistake you make? No. It’s impossible for a software program to catch every error. Some manuscripts will still need a copyeditor and/or proofreader. Sometimes, ProWritingAid will even give you bad advice. It’s important to have basic grammar knowledge so you can make an educated decision whether to follow a recommendation or ignore it.

Despite these drawbacks, I still highly recommend ProWritingAid. It will catch many typos, misspellings, and grammatical errors, identify flabby and overused words, and do so much more. If you’re an author, it will help clean up the manuscript so your editors can do their jobs more efficiently, and it may cut down on your editing expenses.

Which plan should I get, annual or lifetime?

Think about how often you’ll use it. Are you a prolific author who churns out a couple books per year? Do you run a business? Are you a college student? Then maybe the lifetime ProWritingAid license would be a worthwhile investment. I found that paying a one-time fee for a lifetime license was a much cheaper alternative than renewing a subscription on an ongoing basis. Getting it now, for 50 percent off, is a fantastic deal!

I might be interested. What do I do next?

 It’s simple. Order through my link: Then forward your receipt to and I will send you my three bonuses.

Affiliate Disclaimer: If you purchase through my affiliate link, I will earn a commission on sales.

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