Get ProWritingAid For 10 Percent Off Plus My Exclusive Bonuses

Get ProWritingAid For 10 Percent Off Plus My Exclusive Bonuses

Should you invest in paid software like ProWritingAid? That’s a question I hear a lot from writers. My answer is that you should definitely consider it.

I always recommend ProWritingAid as the one to purchase, and if you use my affiliate link, you can get a 10% discount on an annual license. Also, if you forward your receipt to me, I’ll send you two exclusive bonuses. (details below)

I’ve used the premium version for years and have corresponded with their support team as a customer and as an affiliate. I like the software, know it well, and find the customer support team responsive to questions and concerns. Want to know more about ProWritingAid? Keep reading!


Q. What is ProWritingAid?

A. It’s my favorite editing software, and is a grammar checker, style editor, and writing mentor in one package. You can view my demo below or on YouTube. You’ll learn why ProWritingAid is a helpful spell and grammar checker and editing tool for writers, see examples of the strengths and limitations, and watch me do some informal, off the cuff line editing.

I am promoting this tool as ProWritingAid is an excellent supplement to my signature online course Book Editing Blueprint, and it’s a resource that I recommend to my editing clients.







Q. Why buy it through my affiliate link?  

A. If you email me your receipt, I’ll send you my two-page Overused Words Cheat Sheet, a valuable tool otherwise only available to students in Book Editing Blueprint. This resource will help you to find the stale overused words in your writing as well as the “padding words” that can be easily cut.

I’ll also send you a 42-minute tutorial video that teaches you how to use the Overused Words Cheat Sheet and unleash the power of ProWritingAid and Google Docs/Microsoft Word.

Lastly, I’ll send you a cheat sheet with links that will help you get up and running with ProWritingAid.

These two bonuses will help you to take your line editing to a new level.

Q. Which plan should I get? 

There are different options:




When choosing which plan to purchase, think about how often you’ll use it. Are you a prolific author who churns out a couple books per year? Then maybe the lifetime ProWritingAid license would be a worthwhile investment. I found that paying a one-time fee for a lifetime license was a much cheaper alternative than renewing a subscription on an ongoing basis. However, if it takes you a long time to write a book and you only have one manuscript, then a shorter-term plan might be sufficient.

Q. I might be interested. What do I do next?

1. Watch my demo video on YouTube or above.  I’ll show you exactly what the software does and run through several sample scans. If you have any questions, feel free to send me an email or tag me in the Facebook group and I will do my best to answer.

2. To purchase the software, use my link.

3. Forward your receipt to me at and I’ll send you my bonus Overused Words Cheat Sheet, Getting Started Cheat Sheet, and the accompanying training video.

Let’s make editing simple.

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