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editing testimonial
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Thorough and helpful

A blueprint is what Stacy presented and exactly what I needed. The text was so thorough and helpful that I decided to hire Stacy to do my developmental editing.

Previously, I had hired someone to do copyediting which was not logical. I was paying hard-earned money to have rough drafts edited that might’ve ended up on the cutting-room floor. After taking the course, I have more confidence in my ability to revise my early drafts. It is a course that doesn’t waste your time, adds value to your writing practice, and shows respect for your pocketbook. Thank you, Stacy.” Maryclaire Torinus



Stacy’s class has been invaluable! There were things I already knew, but she offered a few new ways to look at those things. It was like a fresh set of eyes that I was privy to! Of course, there was a wealth of new information and resources that exceeded my expectations. I do  not regret the investment and plan to use it for every book I write.

Before I took the course, my editing was disjointed—like throwing all my know-how at a wall and seeing what sticks. I love a good map. The lessons were great, but that checklist! After writing I can get frazzled, and it’s like having my pre-frazzled brain’s plan.” Sydney Patton


Stacy lays out everything you need

Writing is hard. It’s a slog towards the goal of finally being able to write ‘The End.’ But it’s not the end. No one writes a perfect first draft, and sometimes staring at the pile of words is incredibly daunting. How am I supposed to mold this into a cohesive story, with twists, complex characters, and a compelling plot?

You need a roadmap. No, you need a Blueprint. Learning what to tackle first is half the battle. Stacy lays out everything you need to know about how to self-edit, because we all want to hold a polished novel in our hands. Editing is incredibly intimidating, especially if you’re new at it. Having a guide and a toolkit makes it feel possible.” Lena Johnson


Makes editing simple

This is a clear, step-by-step editing guide for authors. I’m a checklist person, and this course has been a real boon for me. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.” Marsha Hinton


Gave Me Confidence

I loved your course. I was constantly second-guessing myself when I did edits on the first book, but after your courses and quizzes, it gave me so much more confidence in my editing skills!” Ashley Kubasek 


Learned a lot

Great lesson plan for beginners and pros who want to improve their writing and editing. I felt I learned a lot of super good knowledge by taking this course.” Angela Lambkin



This is now part of my craft toolkit! I absolutely love this blueprint. It has helped me so much as I worked through my edits and rewrites. The blueprint takes me through each of the different editing passes and what I need to look out for. I particularly appreciated the tips on how to search words I use too frequently and how to move from passive to active voice. I think all authors should have this as part of their business.” Emma Dhesi



I am working one step at a time through each chapter of my first draft using your lessons and enjoy the work instead of dreading it. I can see the benefits in my revised work. You unveiled some of the mystery that surrounds ‘editing’ and replaced it with confidence that I can improve my writing. Biggest surprise is the joy this brings, and the laughter when I find an illogical sentence!” Ann Rapp


Best thing I have done for my writing career

Before taking this course, it was confusing, I knew what the editors wanted, but was clueless on how to give it to them. This course was the big lightbulb moment.

This was broken into easy-to-follow units that were clear and concise. I liked EVERYTHING!!! But mostly it taught me just how much I didn’t know, that I thought I did. I wish I took this course a year before my first submission. I might be at my dream publishing company. This course is the best thing I have done for my writing career.” Zerry Greenwood

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I appreciate the organized emotion lists. These definitely make writing faster and more engaging. It’s easy to get lazy with writing, especially when an idea is desperately trying to get out with lightning speed. This tool keeps your writing fresh and unique.” USA Today Bestselling Author Amy Proebstel



Though I submitted my essay ‘A Blur in the Field’ to a few literary journals without publication, I tried again with Cutleaf, but only AFTER I ran it through Stacy Juba’s Line Editing Cheat Sheet. The essay was immediately accepted for publication and I was paid more for it than for any other piece I’ve published! I recommend Stacy’s smart and helpful list. It makes everything I write better. (Of course I’m still using it!)” Lori Brack



Now that I am at the editing phase, I will be looking to replace my ‘telling’ with ‘showing’, thanks to this course and Cheat Sheets. Thank you for putting together such a useful tool to add to my toolkit!” Bobbie Carlton-Hess



Before taking the course, I felt like I only had half of the information and my manuscript showed it. What I liked best was how well she explains it. How often the ‘duh’ effect struck me, and I can see why. I learned there is a lot more I can do as a writer. That it’s my story and I am the responsible party.” Doree Anderson



Having the toolkit at my disposal will give me material to reference back to and keep my imagination flowing. It will be a huge relief to not stop my writing process to ponder over how to describe nonverbal communication. I look forward to adding my own notes to the new binder I’ve just added to my shelf.” M.F. Adele



It was a great review and I’m happy with the courses and course content. I think it is a great overview.”



The course helped me expand and clarify my blurb with your simple tips and cheat sheets. The class was short yet simple and effective . . . including the nonfiction was an excellent idea. I write inspirational books and find they are harder to sell without a good blurb.Ardith



Before taking the class, writing a blurb was intimidating! And overwhelming. I’ve only tried pulling a blurb out of my head with no systematic way to do it. You have solved that problem. I have a starting point with barriers to keep me on a straight path to my final blurb. You sounded kind and genuine and all-giving. It made me feel confident that I can do this!” 



“The completeness of the attachment file is staggering. There’s something for every emotion!” J.T. Rath



“Energize Your Writing really has made it so much simpler to add rich, nonverbal communication to my writing without losing my focus and flow—now, I can easily flip to the relevant emotion in the toolkit and pick an appropriate phrasing in seconds.

I still usually end up personalizing the wording more on later drafts (and I love that there’s room in the Toolkit to add my own turns of phrase as I think of them), but it saves me so much time and gives me a stronger product to work with when revising. Less stopping + more writing=a happy writer! One of the really nice things is that, as I use the Toolkit as a reference more and more, I can feel myself slowly needing to refer to it less and less as I internalize more elements about the emotions that are common to my characters.” Elijah M.

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This course is simply brilliant! The printables sit conveniently in a binder on my desk to refer to during all phases of the writing process. This course provides the knowledge to save authors hundreds in editing fees. Do we still need editors? Absolutely! However, they won’t have as much work to do to help you make your book the best it can be.” Lisa Hawes



I learned more than expected in such a short period of time. I found the material easy to comprehend and helpful in ways I wasn’t expecting. It has left me eager to go through my current WIP and fix a few issues that were pointed out. Will definitely be recommending this mini-course.” Maegan Fielder


Can Look Through IT TO Find What I'm Looking For

I’ve been working to incorporate nonverbal communication and found it difficult for a variety of reasons. I like that this is essentially a reference guide. I can look through it to find what I’m looking for and use that to guide me as I go or when I’m going back through my work.” A.M. Williams



I needed a reminder to consider nonverbal cues far more carefully. The toolkit is going to be handy when I write my next story.” Fiona Ayerst



I enjoyed this course for the twofold approach it takes. By providing the shortcut document, I know have a powerful weapon against repetition and the questions got me thinking about the importance of this.” Jordan Rath  



If you’ve been struggling to make your characters seem more alive, then the character emotions e-book & mini-course is for you!” Camille Flores  


I had an Insight About where to Start

It was helpful knowing how an editor looks at a scene. I had an insight about where to start the opening scene of my work in progress. I found the courage to jump past the backstory. Now that I’ve seen it, it seems so obvious, but I have been driving myself crazy trying to decide the first sentence. Janis


Clear and Helpful

The course helped me with things I needed to incorporate to make the opening more concise. It was clear and helpful. Susan



It helped give me direction and templates that I wouldn’t have thought of on my own. I liked the provided graphics that I could use in Canva to create a digital board. I thought it was great! Jodi Turchin



It gave me better guidance in creating a vision board. I was more focused in what exactly I wanted to envision on the board and to manifest. It was easier than before largely due to the step-by-step instruction given. I was able to create two boards. Denise R Abdale


Centered My Thoughts

It centered my thoughts and ideas. I think I want to do a vision board every year to center my thoughts on the year ahead. Joanne Austen Brown



Appreciation for all your great tips presented in an easy-to-understand format.Barbara


Concise, SImple, and Short

The explanation of each item needed for a good blurb was concise, simple, and short. What put it together for me, after reading the examples you provided, was your analysis of each.


Clarified and Simplified

It took a lot of information and condensed it to be easy to understand and access. I appreciate that it clarified and simplified all of the information out there.” 


put it into use immediately

“Your course is helpful. I especially liked how your sessions identified one type of editing issue to focus my attention. I liked the quick lessons. I could pop in and do one or two lessons, and learn a new technique. I put it into use immediately.” Nancy


Looking forward to leaner writing

“It was great! I’m looking forward to leaner writing in the future.” Johanna Haas


Broken down Nicely

I’m currently revising a second-draft manuscript, so having a clear list of things to target prevents me from getting overwhelmed! It was broken down nicely into mini-tasks. Breakthrough: there’s a reason why my writing has always felt too wordy! That’s because it is!” Ella


The manuscript really did Improve

This course helped me see problems that I didn’t realize were problems. When I applied the editing suggestions, the manuscript really did improve. The content is broken into bite-sized chunks, making it doable.”


Very helpful

The Energize Your Writing Toolkit was very helpful.  I don’t have to look for synonyms online as often as before, and it has given me a way to organize my work. Many thanks.” Mari 



This course won’t take much time to complete, but it will help a lot with using nonverbal communication in your fiction to express character emotion.” Ree Larsen  


Fresh approach for blurbs

There was a lot of good stuff—I think the downloads will be helpful, particularly the Adjective Inspiration List. It felt like a fresh, not too time-consuming approach, and I will be revisiting the course and handouts to write my future blurbs. This is an easily dippable-into resume of the important aspects of blurb writing.” Alistair Gardiner


Focused My Writing

The careful mix of dialogue, nonverbal communication, exposition, pacing, and outright creativity is essential to any fiction piece. This lesson served to focus my writing back to creating that seamless balance, particularly pertaining to nonverbal communication. Thank you for harnessing your talent to provide some of us Tasmanian Devils of frenetic writing production the opportunity to focus and learn something valuable.” Michelle Lovato



The emotions cheat sheet will be a valuable resource in my edit of this novel and especially in the second that is in progress. The section on how to use the cheat sheets is a valuable resource in and of itself. Of course the actual sheets on each emotion are priceless. They went into areas that I had never considered when I wrote my first novel.” Daryle Lefler


Made ME REALize a need

I’m in the middle of my first book, and I feel like I don’t have nearly enough nonverbal communication going with it at this point. It made me realize the need to include a lot more nonverbal communication in my stories—current and future.” Michelle A Nieves


Complete Catalogue

Such a complete catalogue of useful, common emotions and the associated gestures and body language will allow me to more easily pick and choose for any and every scene.” Liana Mackenzie



“Line Editing Made Simple was a good reminder and refresher. I come from a journalism, nonfiction background, so while things like ‘that’ and other redundancies are on my radar (cliche!), some other things not as much. I loved that the lessons were written out! I can review it, make notes, come back to it as needed!” Michelle


Fabulous insight

Fabulous insight into characters good, bad, evil, overarching of character, and naming of characters.” Susan Abbey 

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From Everything’s Jake by Christina Greer

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From Fated Memories by Joan Carney

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book editing services Madison Michael



Stacy is an incredible editor and I’m thankful that I found her. She answers every one of my questions in detail, sends links to read to help with understanding characters better, and gives wonderful feedback. She also writes in-depth letters about your work, along with side notes on the hard-copy.

She has made the editing process much easier than I ever thought possible. I can go on and on with praise, she is that amazing. If you’re looking for an editor, look no further, Stacy is your girl!” Courtney Kristel



I am very lucky to have found you. I have had fellow authors look at the editorial letters you have sent me and they are extremely impressed. They don’t know how I managed to find such an incredible editor. I am so thankful for all that you have done for me.” Kassandra Klay



It was my first experience with an editor, so I wasn’t 100% sure what to expect and was a little nervous about soliciting critical feedback. But I was quickly reassured by Stacy’s friendly, constructive approach.

Her critique was deft, thoughtful, and un-intrusive–meaning she was good at making valuable suggestions that didn’t mess with my ‘voice’ at all. It was like she ‘got’ me, and was careful to leave my style intact while molding and polishing all the technical stuff. I would absolutely use her again and recommend her services. She was wonderful!” Harper Alexander


feedback was everything I’d hoped for and more

You’re a pleasure to work with, and the feedback you offered was everything I’d hoped for and more. You zeroed in on errors, omissions, inconsistencies, and other flaws I hadn’t noticed. Better still, you offered suggestions for alternative solutions, even graciously offered to discuss any questions I might have.

What more could I ask for? I took a leap of faith on hiring an editor I found via social media, and you delivered beyond my expectations. I plan to book your editing services early for my next book.” Maureen Fisher

tips for writing character emotions

a wonderful editor!

I received your notes and revisions. Thank you! They are astute, excellent. I agree with your ideas and suggestions. So very helpful . . . You are a wonderful editor! I will be singing your praises.” Maryclaire Torinus



Stacy is truly an incredible person and editor. I am so pleased to have found her. Her feedback and attention to detail have greatly helped me spot errors, flaws and inconsistencies in my first manuscript. Stacy is very prompt with her response answers to questions that I had, and helped me understand and improve my writing.

I look forward to continuing to work with Stacy on future manuscripts because of her professionalism, understanding, and compassion. If you are thinking about hiring Stacy for your manuscript, I highly recommend her! She is awesome, and you will not be disappointed.” Devin Devonne


a true professional

Your comments are great, Stacy! I’m impressed with your insights and ability to not only identify areas in need of rework, but to come up with strategies for improvement. I appreciate the resource links you include as well. You are a true professional and obviously an authority at your craft. I consider myself lucky to receive such valuable feedback.” Kevin Schwartz


amazing at spotting flaws

I’m so glad I entrusted Stacy with my middle grade manuscript. Stacy is amazing at spotting flaws, typos and structural inconsistencies that hamper the flow. Stacy’s editing skills cover it all: punctuation, character motivation, grammar, tense and POV analysis. Her expert advice comes cloaked in gentle and encouraging positive words. Stacy is very knowledgeable of her trade and a pleasure to work with. I would definitely use Stacy’s editing services for my future books.” Varsha Dixit


Amazing Learning Process

The thoroughness and personal touch that Stacy provided when she edited my book was more than I had expected. I am a first time author and not only did Stacy take the time to edit my work but she also provided me with a detailed, and professional, feedback letter. She took the time to discuss and suggest specific areas in which I needed to go back and fix; character details, overused word counts, showing and not telling, and so much more that a first time writer may overlook.

Stacy was a pleasant person to communicate with and I enjoy how she talks to me like we’ve known each other for years! It really helps my nerves during the process of editing my first book. Overall, I felt the experience was an amazing learning process and plan to use Stacy’s skills for future books.” Kimberly Gruenbacher


blown away

I’m blown away. You touched on some things I thought were weaknesses (e.g., character development) and brought up a whole bunch more that will ultimately strengthen this book. I am very fortunate to have your expertise and input.” David Neuner


pays attention to detail while considering big picture

Stacy Juba’s feedback was extremely helpful. She pays attention to detail while also considering the big picture of a sustained narrative. I appreciate that she takes the time to provide hard-copy suggestions as well. I heartily recommend her and will hire her again to offer suggestions on more chapters of my novel-in-progress.” Melanie Faith


precisely what I needed

Thank you, Stacy, for your professional and in-depth evaluation of my work. I’m so glad I found you. As a fledgling writer, your editing services have been an invaluable resource for me. The educational links you provided as well as your helpful and encouraging suggestions are precisely what I needed to help make my little story blossom into its full potential. I look forward to continue using your expertise as I move forward to the next stage.” Joan Carney



Stacy is fan-flippin-tastic. Her suggestions for improvement are spot on. She keeps me updated on the editing process. She’s enthusiastic about my work. This is my first major self-publishing endeavor and I feel lucky to have found Stacy.” Kimberly G. Giarratano


provided me with resources to grow as an author

On the verge of self-publishing, I submitted my manuscript to Stacy Juba.  She gave supportive and encouraging feedback in addition to honest critique of my plot and characters.  Stacy has provided me with resources to grow as an author and complete a manuscript that is ready for print.  I look forward to working with her on future projects.” Anna Machova


HELPFUL free course

Thank you for sharing this course for free. I found it helpful and have referred back to it several times.” Kerry Clark



I learned more in the five lessons than I think I learned in four years at school! With this no-nonsense approach, I was able to see where my manuscript could be improved without spending hours not knowing what to look for.” Deryn van der Tan

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BREAKs Down Editing

This class not only taught me how to break down editing into manageable steps, but also how to think differently about my work during the process. The latter is the hardest part.” Fox Haddock



Love how easy and on point your tips are for self-editing. Super helpful resource.”  Jenny Leigh Hodgins 



“It is a great reminder that less can be more. I was reminded why everyone needs an editor. Editors are unsung heroes in the publishing business.” Nancy Jo Perdue



I learned that there are lots of different kinds of mistakes I’ve been making. And to break it into manageable pieces is helpful to me.” Audrey Gran Weinberg



Wow! I’m astonished at the number of times I used these words. This is a great exercise.” Maria A. Karamitsos



I’m a full-time writer now and needed some extra direction. The lessons on sorting my time and the work on internal and external clutter was fantastic, assuring me that I was heading in the right direction and that I needed help.” Joanne Austen Brown 



Great information, suggestions, and guidance for decluttering your life so you can get down to the business of writing productively.” Judy Downing 





Before this course, I didn’t have much time management because I had not been disciplined. Now I have more determination to find a set time to write at least five days a week. I enjoyed the flow of the course and also the demos. My biggest takeaway – I can do it!” Marilyn Leggett



I’ve enjoyed this class. So many ideas/techniques/advice to improve my time management! I am slowly inputting much of what you presented into my daily routine. I really liked the fact that you didn’t provide a ‘cookie cutter’ form of time management that we are supposed to squeeze our lives into because I have discovered squeezing my life into some tried and true style means there is an overflow somewhere that is getting neglected.” Janna K.



I managed to clear two months’ worth of clutter (accumulated while I spent most of two months at the hospital with my daughter) from my kitchen, fridge, freezer, living room, and office. I still backslide and my office could use another round of tidying, but I am actually making progress on my big 90-day goals and managing to make headway with my writing again. My to-do list is still out of control, but I have a plan and a strategy for getting it back on track and transitioning to better systems.” Jenn L. Bradshaw



I was very busy with many things and couldn’t really get anything done. I learned many ways to handle my Gmail account and how to customize my writing space to my needs. I liked all the detailed pieces of information and links to different things that were helpful.” Angela M. Harris



It helped clarify which areas of my life could use decluttering.  The course is very well-organized, and I loved the decluttering tips. My biggest takeaways were flexibility and cutting myself some slack.” Natalie Goes



I didn’t realize there were so many other emotional nonverbal cues I could use, including ones related to sight. I appreciate now that I need to dig more deeply into my characters’ emotional experience to find the right physical clues appropriate to them. All the wonderful downloads and tip sheets! They will all help me so much as I edit. It was great! I can’t wait to edit using these tips.”


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This course by Stacy Juba covers many facets of self-editing for a writer. She discusses a wide variety of topics related to mistakes writers make. In addition, there are videos and exercises to practice the content. I found this helpful for improving my own novel. I recommend this course for beginning writers, and those who have some experience but want to take their writing to the next level.” Roberta Shepherd



It made me less repetitive and I added some variety and colour to my writing.”



Good set of exercises for the editing process and good reminders about what we need to be doing.” Gail Eastwood



This is a quick course that gives you several ways to improve your story. Easy to follow and love the Cheat Sheet.” Valerie Miller



The simplicity of working on one aspect at a time eased my overwhelm at the thought of editing. Each lesson directed me to accomplish a direct task, preventing fear from hindering. I will use the ‘one thing at a time’ approach when dealing with larger developmental problems also. Examine dialogue, check for continuity of descriptions, etc.

Great introduction for beginners and helpful reminders for those of us who should know better than to let redundancies or overused cliches sneak in, but sneak in they will.” Hazel



It’s good to know specifics of what I should be looking for in editing. The editing process is often presented as: ‘And then you edit,’ but we aren’t told what that entails. I liked that the lessons were not time consuming. I went into this thinking I would have to set aside at least an hour a day for just one lesson, but the lessons went quickly and were easy to consume on a schedule.

I’m glad to have a blueprint on what exactly I should look for in editing, so I’m not just reading my work a hundred times without making meaningful changes. I especially appreciated the 10-step cheat sheet, as I can refer to it while editing.”


GREat examples

I will be more aware of useless words as I am drafting and definitely search for them as I edit. Great examples. I could pick out the mistakes in the examples easily after the lessons.”


easy and focused

It broke down the editing process into bullet points that focuses on what needs to be done. It was easy, focused, and the examples illustrate well the points.” Michele



Great, detailed information that already has helped me progress with my novel. Concise with to-the-point examples.” Bettina



It was a good refresher as I edit a friend’s work and my own! Short, quick lessons. The format of the quizzes reinforce lesson points as you go.”



“The course helped me feel very comfortable with the possible uses of oracle cards. Your approach is practical and also inclusive of intuition. I interpreted many of the cards you selected in my freewriting in ways that were helpful to re-starting my writing practice. The way you use prompts and cards together was creative and helpful. Your links to resources were fabulous. I love your reminder that transitions, change, and growth happen slowly, step-by-step.” Lori Brack


Professional YET ColOURFUL

“I’ve lately been more mindful of listening to my intuition, and this course gave me a tool for doing that which is fun, creative, and eclectic. I was surprised by how professional yet colourful this whole course was. Browsing down the lesson pages with each, and simply enjoying the graphics of various card decks, was very appealing and made the lessons so much easier to take in.” Michelle



This is possibly the area I struggle with mostknowing where and how to start, and inserting a hook. I REALLY liked that you discussed opening chapters of aspiring writersincluding merather than just showcasing amazing published authors. You concentrated on how to get from HERE to THERE. I saw the impact of the changes you suggested. Little things make SUCH a difference.” Judy Broad



Any editing seems difficult and daunting, but with Stacy’s simple-to-follow tips and tricks, I feel more in control. Along with her explanations and examples in this course, my attitude toward editing has been transformed and it now feels like a fun writing exercise. This course helped me understand why, in addition to the characters, setting and descriptor (show not tell) words are so important to capture your readers’ attention. I loved this short course that focused on powerful editing tools. Heather



“The information shared was excellent. I loved how you laid out the different tools and different types of boards and gave us all the tools we could need to make our own. There was so much pertinent information shared, that I haven’t even gotten to look through it and absorb it yet. I loved the templates and motivational quotes and how easy everything was to use.” Taylor Delong


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The course helped me plan and recognize my mistakes, and the examples gave me a reference point to use. Stacy had real-life examples from other authors, which was helpful. In the final lesson, there were visual examples of several genres, which helped me see where I could make changes to make my novel stronger, more transparent, and more engaging.” Ardith


Clear and Concise

“You were clear, concise, and the info was helpful. Jacquetta


Only $9!

Book Blurbs Made Simple is only $9! I find its information and handouts invaluable.” Cheryl

Visit the Press page to see podcasts, summits, writing groups, and review publications where I’ve been featured. If you’re a student or client who would like to leave a testimonial, please send a text testimonial to or leave a short video testimonial here. 

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