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The Writer's Muse Oracle Card Journal

The Writer's Muse Journal: Oracle Card Spreads for Creative Inspiration

Dive into 190+ captivating spreads to amplify your characters, deepen your story’s core, fuel personal growth, and craft across genres including mystery, romance, science fiction, fantasy, children’s, memoir, and much more. A perfect next step after taking Oracle Cards for Writers, or a nice introduction to tapping into your subconscious.

Time Management Blueprint

Time Management Blueprint for Writers: Transform Your Life and Finish Your Book

Do you ever feel as if you’re juggling too many balls and your writing career is always the one that gets dropped?  Using a 4-part framework, this self-paced course geared specifically toward writers will guide you through organizing your life one step at a time so you can become healthier and happier while boosting your creativity and productivity. 

NLP for fiction writers

NLP for Fiction Writers: Enhance Your Skills and Creative Flow

In this hands-on workshop taught by Master NLP Practitioner Beth Barany and hosted on Stacy’s Thrivecart platform, you’ll explore the tool of neurolinguistic programming to help you boost your writing productivity, clarify your creative goals, overcome hurdles, and engage curiosity to refine your craft and improve your creative process.

Writing prompts for fiction books

Oracle Cards for Writers: Unlock Your Story Magic and Overcome Blocks to Success

Come on an enchanting journey that empowers you to connect with your intuition, shatter creative barriers, strengthen your mindset, and embrace the magic within your words. Explore 9 richly illustrated lessons, journaling prompts, oracle and tarot card spreads for writers, symbolism, and much more.

vision board class for writers

Vision Board Toolkit for Writers: Empower Your Future

Author your future through the power of vision boards. Get ready to dream, create, and achieve by digging into a physical or digital art project that serves as a motivational keepsake. Navigate through self-paced lessons and a digital toolkit of inspirational messages and quotes for writers, phrases related to writing and publishing, vibrant images, fill-in-the-blank graphics, and much more. 

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intuition guide

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Testimonials for Productivity, Mindset, and Creativity Courses



Before this course, I didn’t have much time management because I had not been disciplined. Now I have more determination to find a set time to write at least five days a week. I enjoyed the flow of the course and also the demos. My biggest takeaway – I can do it!” Marilyn Leggett



I was very busy with many things and couldn’t really get anything done. I learned many ways to handle my Gmail account and how to customize my writing space to my needs. I liked all the detailed pieces of information and links to different things that were helpful.” Angela M. Harris



I managed to clear two months’ worth of clutter (accumulated while I spent most of two months at the hospital with my daughter) from my kitchen, fridge, freezer, living room, and office. I still backslide and my office could use another round of tidying, but I am actually making progress on my big 90-day goals and managing to make headway with my writing again. My to-do list is still out of control, but I have a plan and a strategy for getting it back on track and transitioning to better systems.” Jenn L. Bradshaw



Great information, suggestions, and guidance for decluttering your life so you can get down to the business of writing productively.” Judy Downing 



I’ve enjoyed this class. So many ideas/techniques/advice to improve my time management! I am slowly inputting much of what you presented into my daily routine. I really liked the fact that you didn’t provide a ‘cookie cutter’ form of time management that we are supposed to squeeze our lives into because I have discovered squeezing my life into some tried and true style means there is an overflow somewhere that is getting neglected.” Janna K.


Professional YET ColOURFUL

“I’ve lately been more mindful of listening to my intuition, and this course gave me a tool for doing that which is fun, creative, and eclectic. I was surprised by how professional yet colourful this whole course was. Browsing down the lesson pages with each, and simply enjoying the graphics of various card decks, was very appealing and made the lessons so much easier to take in.” Michelle



“The information shared was excellent. I loved how you laid out the different tools and different types of boards and gave us all the tools we could need to make our own. There was so much pertinent information shared, that I haven’t even gotten to look through it and absorb it yet. I loved the templates and motivational quotes and how easy everything was to use.” Taylor Delong



“The course helped me feel very comfortable with the possible uses of oracle cards. Your approach is practical and also inclusive of intuition. I interpreted many of the cards you selected in my freewriting in ways that were helpful to re-starting my writing practice. The way you use prompts and cards together was creative and helpful. Your links to resources were fabulous. I love your reminder that transitions, change, and growth happen slowly, step-by-step.” Lori Brack

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