Below is my 20-minute walk-through of the Writer’s Craft 2.0 Black Friday Super Stack – over $3,300 of courses for only $49! Craft the book of your dreams with this epic collection of 35+ step-by-step ecourses, writing masterclasses, bestselling ebooks, and planning software designed to help you transform your story idea into a page-turner readers will love.

I explain how this bundle came about, how it works, and go over the different products geared toward fiction writers and nonfiction writers. To make it less overwhelming, I talk about which products I recommend that you start with, depending on your level and genre. I also talk about sales for my own courses and how they tie into this bundle. I hope you find this helpful!

Check out the sale here before it disappears on Dec. 1!

Please note that I am an affiliate and receive a commission on sales. However, I wouldn’t recommend it if I didn’t think it was a great deal!

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