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First Pages Quick Fix Clinic: Revising for Powerful Opening Pages

New! Craft an irresistible opening that captivates from the very first word. Learn diverse techniques, what problems to avoid, and explore a library of 9 critiques from a seasoned editor. Apply these tips to dazzle your readers with a brilliant first impression.

How to write a book description that sells books

Book Blurbs Made Simple: How to Write Back Cover Copy That Stands Out and Hooks Readers

Discover the secrets to hooking readers in seconds. This $9 mini course helps fiction and nonfiction authors to master their blurbs so they can draw in readers and sell more books. The course includes videos, a 50-page workbook, cheat sheets, and more tools.

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Book Editing Blueprint: A Step-By-Step Plan to Making Your Novels Publishable

Discover my signature editing framework, a complete step-by-step system that teaches you how to spot the flaws in your novel and fix them so that you can ditch the overwhelm, save time and money, and strengthen your chances of impressing readers, agents, and publishers.

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Perfect Your Plot: Common Story Development Mistakes and How to Overcome Them

Learn how to avoid common plotting pitfalls that can derail your storyline and alienate your readers in this mini course packed with practical examples inspired by real editorial letters. Discover the 6 story development mistakes that writers make and find the plot weaknesses in your own manuscript.

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Energize Your Writing Toolkit: Cheat Sheets for Character Emotions

Never craft character emotions from scratch again. Get the ultimate shortcut to describing your characters’ behavior with these jam-packed cheat sheets of over 4,000 emotional prompts. Have a complete catalog of nonverbal cues at your fingertips and a system for going forward.

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Testimonials for My Writing and Editing Courses



This is possibly the area I struggle with mostknowing where and how to start, and inserting a hook. I REALLY liked that you discussed opening chapters of aspiring writersincluding merather than just showcasing amazing published authors. You concentrated on how to get from HERE to THERE. I saw the impact of the changes you suggested. Little things make SUCH a difference.” Judy Broad



Before taking the course, I felt like I only had half of the information and my manuscript showed it. What I liked best was how well she explains it. How often the ‘duh’ effect struck me, and I can see why. I learned there is a lot more I can do as a writer. That it’s my story and I am the responsible party.” Doree Anderson



Stacy’s class has been invaluable! There were things I already knew, but she offered a few new ways to look at those things. It was like a fresh set of eyes that I was privy to! Of course, there was a wealth of new information and resources that exceeded my expectations. I do  not regret the investment and plan to use it for every book I write.

Before I took the course, my editing was disjointed—like throwing all my know-how at a wall and seeing what sticks. I love a good map. The lessons were great, but that checklist! After writing I can get frazzled, and it’s like having my pre-frazzled brain’s plan.” Sydney Patton


Stacy lays out everything you need

Writing is hard. It’s a slog towards the goal of finally being able to write ‘The End.’ But it’s not the end. No one writes a perfect first draft, and sometimes staring at the pile of words is incredibly daunting. How am I supposed to mold this into a cohesive story, with twists, complex characters, and a compelling plot?

You need a roadmap. No, you need a Blueprint. Learning what to tackle first is half the battle. Stacy lays out everything you need to know about how to self-edit, because we all want to hold a polished novel in our hands. Editing is incredibly intimidating, especially if you’re new at it. Having a guide and a toolkit makes it feel possible.” Lena Johnson


Thorough and helpful

A blueprint is what Stacy presented and exactly what I needed. The text was so thorough and helpful that I decided to hire Stacy to do my developmental editing.

Previously, I had hired someone to do copyediting which was not logical. I was paying hard-earned money to have rough drafts edited that might’ve ended up on the cutting-room floor. After taking the course, I have more confidence in my ability to revise my early drafts. It is a course that doesn’t waste your time, adds value to your writing practice, and shows respect for your pocketbook. Thank you, Stacy.” Maryclaire Torinus



I appreciate the organized emotion lists. These definitely make writing faster and more engaging. It’s easy to get lazy with writing, especially when an idea is desperately trying to get out with lightning speed. This tool keeps your writing fresh and unique.” USA Today Bestselling Author Amy Proebstel


Gave Me Confidence

I loved your course. I was constantly second-guessing myself when I did edits on the first book, but after your courses and quizzes, it gave me so much more confidence in my editing skills!” Ashley Kubasek 



Having the toolkit at my disposal will give me material to reference back to and keep my imagination flowing. It will be a huge relief to not stop my writing process to ponder over how to describe nonverbal communication. I look forward to adding my own notes to the new binder I’ve just added to my shelf.” M.F. Adele



This course is simply brilliant! The printables sit conveniently in a binder on my desk to refer to during all phases of the writing process. This course provides the knowledge to save authors hundreds in editing fees. Do we still need editors? Absolutely! However, they won’t have as much work to do to help you make your book the best it can be.” Lisa Hawes



Before taking the class, writing a blurb was intimidating! And overwhelming. I’ve only tried pulling a blurb out of my head with no systematic way to do it. You have solved that problem. I have a starting point with barriers to keep me on a straight path to my final blurb. You sounded kind and genuine and all-giving. It made me feel confident that I can do this!” 


Fresh approach for blurbs

There was a lot of good stuff—I think the downloads will be helpful, particularly the Adjective Inspiration List. It felt like a fresh, not too time-consuming approach, and I will be revisiting the course and handouts to write my future blurbs. This is an easily dippable-into resume of the important aspects of blurb writing.” Alistair Gardiner

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