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    Looks & Gazes Quickstart Guide

    Grab this guide from one of your hosts, Stacy Juba. 

    Discover more than 100 ways to describe your characters’ looks and gazes inside this guide. These cheat sheets are one small part of The Energize Your Writing Toolkit: Cheat Sheets for Character Emotions.

    Get a sample here and start punching up those scenes where everyone is standing around looking at each other!

    overused words for writers
    Emma Dhesi book coaching

    21 Days of Writing Inspiration

    If you’re looking to finish your first novel, these 21 days of writing inspiration from one of your hosts, Emma Dhesi, are just what you need. It’s easy to get started, not so easy to finish.

    For 21 days you’ll get tips, strategies and notes of motivation dropping into your mailbox so you can stay engaged with your writing and push on through to the finish line. All this from the only book coach you’ll ever need, for free.

    Author Newsletter Email Ideas

    Need some ideas for your author newsletter?

    Get 25+ ideas to send to your subscribers specific to being an author.

    Plus, you’ll receive writing tips and ideas every Thursday from one of your bundle hosts, Kat Caldwell.

    Author newsletters
    reclaim writing joy

    10 Ways to Reclaim the Joy of Discovery Writing

    Is your story stuck? Sign up and get this 10-tip workbook on 10 Ways to Reclaim the Joy of Discovery Writing.

    Brought to you by one of your hosts, Kat Caldwell.

     Baby Steps to Book Success

    Do you need to finally write that first novel? In this free video presentation from Emma Dhesi, you’ll get:

    • Simple hacks to start writing THIS WEEK.
    • The productivity trick that literally got Emma’s book written while juggling #allthethings (so simple, but she bets you’ll never guess it).
    • The surprising habit outside of writing that gets your book written faster.
    baby steps
    Awakening the Creative Muse

    Awakening the Creative Muse: A Writer’s Guide to Intuition

    Brought to you by one of your hosts, Stacy Juba. We’ve all experienced those writer’s moments when the words flow, characters spring to life, and your story takes on a magical quality. Unfortunately in today’s hectic world, our intuitive voice is asleep much of the time. Let Stacy show you how to wake it up! Grab your free copy now and start transforming your writing.

    Line Editing Made Simple:

    5 Days to More Polished Pages

    Does your manuscript need some line editing magic? Then you need to sign up for Line Editing Made Simple, brought to you by one of your hosts, Stacy Juba.

    This free class will kick-start your revisions in just a few minutes per day. Learn simple hacks for polishing your writing, even if the thought of line editing makes your head spin.

    free line editing class
    Name guide


    What’s in a name? A lot, actually. A big part of making your characters come alive is what you name them. Snag this free guide packed with tips from one of your hosts, Stacy Juba. Discover:

    ✔ 6 things to keep in mind when choosing names

    ✔ 7 character-naming sites

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